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May 27, 2013

New Age Gospel: A Recipe for Spiritual Disaster

I was in a conversation with a lady who believed in the gospel of the New Age gurus that we are made for ourselves and that you can draw destiny to yourself because the "universe" has power to bring things to you. This reminded me of the television program when one of these New Age gurus was being interviewed. I was impatiently listening to gospel of idols these people are worshipping, called God. Then the show host asked him if he knew who he was, as a person. This man has written a book, evidently meant to educate people. He looked liked he was in his late fifties or mid sixties. He said, "I don’t know who I am!" As soon as I heard that statement, my viewing time for such garbage was over. I changed the channel. That’s just about the limit of such corrosive gospel I can bear. Jesus said, "Blind leading the blind would both fall in a ditch!"

I was not as angry discussing with this other lady about her New Age religion. She was advocating for the universe and energy and the metaphysical nonsense! Boy, I feel so, so sorry for her. How many people are being deceived by false doctrines! Human mind is very frail and easily subjected to false doctrine because of the seduction of the human soul. Each time the soul is seduced the human brain goes dead, or start to malfunction!

The first thing to get right, God did not create us for ourselves. He created us for Himself. So this crazy idea about the New Age of living a life for now and for yourself, and drawing energy to yourself is the garbageology of David Koresh and Jimmy Jones doctrine of madness! This has nothing to do with Christianity, but more to do with the apostasy of the twisted minds.

Second, "The universe" is not God. This is a scientific fact. The universe has no mind of it’s own except it’s function based on the blue printed of creation God inserted into it’s operation. Without God, the universe is DEAD! The energy some people are drawing from the universe is the energy God the Creator inserted into the system. The operations of the systems are kept together by the angels God dispersed to walk to and from between earth and Heaven. They are to be sure things work the way they are supposed to work. If you are worshipping the universe, you may as well be worshipping idols – you’re an idol worshipper. God already warned us against this madness of worshipping creations.

Third, God becomes offended when people give His glory to creation. He has the right to be angry because some people despite repeated warnings want to continue to rub God’s face in the sewer by giving God’s glory to the moon, stars, birds and the firmaments. God said he would not share his glory with another. So, how dare you to degrade God to the level of creation? He already warned us against worshipping anything in creation.

Fourth, God is a jealous God, not because of your possession. I heard one celebrity saying she couldn’t understand why God would be jealous of her. At that time, I knew she did not understand the type of jealousy God expresses in the Bible. God could care less if you are a billionaire. He does not look at money the way we look at money. Earthly possessions mean nothing to God, otherwise God would have been jealous of King Solomon. Who gave you all your riches? Did you give these to yourself? Why would God be jealous of you for the riches he gave you that are here today and gone tomorrow? God is only jealous of us because of our spiritual adultery when we choose to go worship other gods like the children of Israel did with disastrous consequences. Let your own child refuses to give your credit after all you did to raise that child, but instead gives the credit to another person and see how that makes your anger boils within you!

Fifth, Our God the Father is a very patient God. He is also a forgiving God. Sometimes, his patience runs out. I have seen an angry God in action. You do not want to be subjected to his wrath, or under the crushing blows of his anger. Keep making mockery of God because of your riches. He can bring you down to nothing. I pray you repent!

Sixth, God refuses to share his glory with another. He said, "I am God and there is no other." Just keep provoking Him and eventually see what happens! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Seventh, The danger of believing the false doctrine of the New Age is the consequences of personal soul seduction - - - worshipping SELF. In the process we allow the things of this world to become of paramount importance more than God. We place ourselves on the throne, and reduce God to the level of creation. The danger is the consequences of walking away from under God’s protection, dismantling Psalm 91, and opening ourselves to danger.

You have a choice to pick between the real God of Creation- - - God of the Bible, or the little idols you are worshipping in the universe, in the mirror, or in your bedroom. My heart is broken for you for degrading yourself to such level of worshipping idols! God made you the crown of creation, he did not ask you to bring yourself to such level.

Jesus says, "Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand!"

by Yinka Vidal, author, "Finding Peace in the Storms – A Wife’s Journey with Breast Cancer – A Story of Fighting Fear with Faith in God."

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