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Closer Walk With Thee
Evangelist # 10
"But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witness in Jerusalem, in Judea, in Samaria, and to the end of the earth," Acts 1:8
Perry Stone
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Perry Stone holds the rank of an ordained Bishop with the Church of God, (Cleveland, Tennessee). Perry has also been awarded three honorary degrees. By the age of twenty-three, Perry was conducting record-breaking revivals, some lasting up to eleven weeks. At this young age, Perry was invited to speak at Camp Meetings and conferences, some with as many as 4000-5000 in attendance. Presently, Perry continues to conduct both domestic and international crusades, reaching thousands of people annually. He is a very powerful voice in the field of prophecy.

Website: Perry Stone

Marilyn Hickey
MarilyHickey.jpg (5038 bytes) Join Marilyn & Sarah every weekday..for practical Bible teaching, inspiring guests, exciting reports from around the world, and a message of encouragement for your day! Englewood, CO 80155-4698

Marilyn Hickey is one of the world’s leading Bible teachers, she has traveled to more than 100 nations sharing God's Word. The heart of her ministry can be summed up in one simple sentence, "It's all about souls!" Born July 1, 1931 in the United States she is a minister on Christian television and teaches Bible studies around the world.

Website Marilyn Hickey

Sid Roth
Sidroth.jpg (23739 bytes) Sid Roth, a former account executive for Merrill Lynch, was raised in a traditional Jewish home. Yet, religious tradition provided no answers when he hit rock bottom in 1972. With his life out of control and his marriage in shambles, Sid was set free from demonic oppression through a supernatural encounter with Jesus. Immediately, he began to boldly proclaim Jesus as the Jewish Messiah

Website: Sid Roth

Aquilla Nash
AquillaNash.jpg (2585 bytes) Aquilla Nash was dying when she met God in 1961. Complications following the birth of her second son resulted in acute hemorrhaging. In spite of the efforts of several physicians to revive her, she began to feel her life ebbing away. In those moments, she turned to God and committed her life to him. That dramatic and decisive confrontation with God also led to her healing.

A short time after her conversion experience, she received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit began to operate in her life. After a time of growth in the grace and knowledge in Him, the Lord called her into full-time ministry. She is one of the powrful voices in the field of prophecy.

Website: Aquilla Nash

Cece Winnans
CeceWinans.jpg (2647 bytes) CeCe Winans: The eighth of ten siblings in the musical Winans family, CeCe Winans (born Priscilla) performed most often with her brother, BeBe, in a duo which recorded gospel material with R&B settings and proved to be the most commercially successful of the Winans groupings (which also includes her older brothers Marvin, Carvin, Ronald, and Michael in the Winans and her parents in Mom & Pop Winans). Born in Detroit, she worked with BeBe in a duo called the PTL Singers until 1987, when they released their self-titled debut album (with vocal contributions from nine members of the family). Four albums followed during the next seven years (two of which hit gold) plus 1991's platinum Different Lifestyles.

Website Cece Winans

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