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Washington, DC Prayer Meeting, October 28, 2011

At Hylton Memorial Chapel, Woodbridge, VA. 5:00 pm

Believer's Glorious Ascension to Heaven

Final Dance to the Glorious Music of Heaven

Jesus said, "Let not your heart be troubled, ye believe in God, believe also in me" (St. John 14:1).

Working in the hospital for over forty years has given me the exposure of seeing many new babies born, and also some people on their deathbed. The scariest moment for a non-believer in Christ is the moment when death is eminent. The silver cord that attaches the human soul to the body starts to pull away from the physical body. It pulls away and snaps back like a rubber band in continuous motion. The entire human body goes into an invisible death vibration. At that moment, the human spirit goes into a form of catharsis, as the tearing away from of the soul from the body begins. The person is overwhelmed with great fear of the unknown. I have also seen others with many regrets because of a selfish life based only on personal achievements that have ultimately lost their meaning.

A moment of death for a believer is the most joyful and peaceful moment I refer to as the Final Dance. It is a final dance from this earthly realm to the glory of heaven. At that moment, death is eminent. A believer’s spirit starts to gradually ascend into a higher dimension through the tunnel into the Gates of Heaven. The Portal Gate of Heaven opens up to receive his soul as the angels take positions to carry the precious soul of the saint home to the Lord. The higher the spirit ascends the more peace a dying believer feels, regardless to the physical pain while gradually being detached from the physical world. He enters into the spiritual dimension of God as guided by the Holy Spirit. At that precious moment, he starts to hear the beautiful symphony orchestra of heaven playing the greatest melody that has never been heard on this earth. The final ascension is the greatest moment of peace, joy and serenity as the believer unclothe from the earthly vessel, and beholds the mighty love of God enshrouding him like a precious blanket. This is reserved only for believers who are true Christians; true warriors for Christ and not actors just playing church.

A rich man was dying in a hospital. The family members have been going in and out of the hospital to be sure some family members were with him at his final hour. After about two weeks, this man was still not dead. Staying with him around the clock became a burden for the family members. They left a note that the attending nurse should call family members when death was evident. The rich eighty-year-old man just stayed in coma and would not die. One night about fourth weeks later after been in coma, he opened his eyes. There was a young African American lady, an orderly- - a nurse assistant who was in the room at the time the man opened his eyes. "I’m ready now!" the old man said, slightly raising up his head to catch the orderly’s attention. The young lady did not understand what the old man meant. She ran to the nursing station to call the nurse. The nurse came running to the room and the old man repeated the same statement, "I’m ready now." The nurse ran out of the room to call the family members. She believed the man was telling her he was ready to die. The nurse tried in the middle of the night to get at least one of the family members. She failed. While the nurse was trying frantically to get one of the family members, the orderly went back to the room and ask the old man what he meant. The dying man said, "I’m now ready to accept Jesus Christ." The young lady with tears in her eyes, knelt by the bedside of the rich man leading him in a sinner’s prayer to surrender his soul to Christ After the prayer, she snapped off the cross from her gold necklace, place the cross in the dying man’s hand and gradually closed his fist with the cross inside. The old man gave his life to Christ, and made his peace with the Lord before he died. About a few minutes after the old man gave his life to Christ, he was gone!

In the morning, some of the family members have arrived based on the phone calls they received from the hospital. But, the rich old man was already gone. The young orderly told the family about what she experienced at the man’s final moment as he called out to Jesus to rescue his soul. The grand daughter started to weep for joy. She told the orderly that many people including many preachers have tried to lead the grandfather to accept Jesus. He had refused over the years. The rich old man never stopped giving money to the church for different events and activities. But, he refused to give his life to the Lord. At the final moment of his life, it took a hospital orderly, a single mother from the poorest part of the city, who knew Christ to open the door of eternal salvation for a dying rich man, sending him to heaven. On the day of the funeral, they force opened the man’s right fist, the cross the young lady placed was still sitting in the palm of his hand. The old man died, holding on to the cross of Christ.

Nobody knows when it is time to go home, and be with the Lord. However, God has given each one of us assignments to serve his purpose. We get carried away with the riches and excitements of this world thinking the journey will never end. One day, our time runs out. The music stop playing from the earthly realm, and the lights are switched off. What matter is not the money we have acquired, or the name we earned for ourselves. What matters is how well we are able to serve the Lord to accomplish the mission he sent each and every one of us. We can see today, but there may never be a tomorrow. Regardless, to the challenges we face in life, no excuses in heaven. For any excuse people may bring up before God, his answer will be the same saying, "But I sent you." Hearing that statement now ignites desire to serve the Lord. Another time, it may already be too late.

We are a nation in crisis. We are a church so divided. We are a people so disenchanted. The greatest lie is that one human being or a group of people can solve our problems. For many years, we have been deluded to believe as such. It’s a great lie! God is the author of life. He holds tomorrow in his hand. Only the great "IAM" is capable of resolving the challenges we face in this nation.

Join us in Washington, DC on October 28, 2011 to pray for our leaders, that they will open their hearts to serve the people with the fear of God in them. Stop the bickering for heaven’s sake! Consider those that are suffering!

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"Because he lives, I can face tomorrow, and all fear is gone!"

We have the responsibility to bring Jesus out of the closets of churches

Yinka Vidal, author, Closer Walk With Jesus