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Book Reviews: Closer Walk With Jesus by Yinka Vidal

Oct. 1, 2011

To the author: Reading Closer Walk With Jesus causes one to meditate on the wonders of God’s work through faith.

The author excels at relaying stories of piety and devotion. His testimonies and professions of faith are both moving and inspiring.


Willie B.St. Louis, MO


Sept. 30, 2011

Closer Walk With Jesus - The book is a spiritual text that covers faith, hope and love. In today’s challenging world, it gives us hope about the future and reminds us that Christ is still on the throne. This text is a gem, and indispensable resource. Victor radicalizes my understanding of religion and provides numerous helpful reasons why I’m still a believer.

Femi Ferriera, PH.D.Hutchinson, KS.


Sept. 25, 2011

Dear Minister Vidal, thank you so much for the book Closer Walk With Jesus.

This book comes at a good time for me in my retirement. I can give more time in reading and meditating. I’m pleased that you back-up what you say with the word of God. The scriptures you use help authenticate your testimonies. I have experienced the presence of God and his Holy Spirit in me. I know that you are right when you say that it gives you joy, peace, calmness and great feeling that usually last the whole day. This book will be a great resource for me in my personal walk in witnessing and teaching others. I look forward to your next book. I appreciate your talk during service as you always give God the glory, and your testimonies remind me to Fully rely on God.

Sis Bea D. - B. Jack Baptist Church, B. Jack, MO.


Sept. 20, 2011

To the author of Closer Walk With Jesus – In addition to other messages, God sent you spiritual messages to both President Obama and Oprah Winfrey. Do not be afraid of people or look at their faces, their positions, or their wealth. Just deliver the messages of God to them. I wish you the best with such a spiritually inspiring book. Your book reminded me of the outcry of Prophet Jeremiah when Israel was facing God’s judgment. According to the divine messages in your book like many others are warning America! We may as well be heading in the same direction as the ancient Israel.

Olivia G. New York


Sept. 15, 2011

Yinka Vidal’s book Closer Walk With Jesus is a must read for people of all faiths. It is an inspirational piece of human nature and the struggle of spirituality in one’s life. The book offers deep insight into how Yinka himself is called upon by God and the personal struggle he endures to let go of his personal desires for a higher cause. The personal no holds barred story is a beacon of light for all those in similar situations. Whether struggling with being accepted or find one’s own spirituality, Yinka’s book offers hope and guidance.

-A. Skowyra, St. Louis, MO


Aug 5, 2011

Closer Walk With Jesus – this book is heavy on spirituality of God. Amazingly shocking! It is a journey into the spirit realm of God unlike anything I ever read in my life!

Linda N. St. Louis, MO.


July 24, 2011

Victor has been truly inspired by God to share with the world such a wonderful and personal Spirit blessed journey. He walks with Christ are genuine and his desire to serve God and fellow man, must have been his motivation. Thank God for Victor and his Closer Walk With Jesus.

James H.St. Louis, MO.


Jan 10, 2011

I enjoyed the book. Vidal appears to be a man that hears from God, walks with God and obeys God. Closer Wall With Jesus is a good reading, and more people should read the book. It is a blessing to those who read it. If you want to walk closer with God, this is a book to read.

Pastor Lee, Apple Valley, CA


Jan 5, 2011

This book, Closer Walk With Jesus has helped me so much on my spiritual journey. I read it at the time I really needed to be inspired.

Sue H.St. Louis, MO


June 10, 2010

Book Review: Closer Walk With Jesus by Yinka Vidal

This book is highly inspiring about the author’s journey in the Spirit of God. Although many of the testimonies are personal in nature, the stories confirmed what Christianity has been telling us for ages that there is an invisible hand. The mystery of the invisible hand is interwoven in the manifestations of the presence of God, divine messages of Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit leading a believer to serve God’s purpose. The book leads the reader on a spiritual journey of how to experience God in a way that is very profound. Vidal alluded to one glaring fact that seeking and experiencing the presence of God is the critical key to everlasting love, joy and peace that transcends anything ordinary in the physical world. If you are searching for joy, get a copy of this book! No matter the crisis you may be going through in life, this book will lead you to joy and peace in the Lord.

The author, describes some unpleasant events that may be happening in the United States, and why. He gives a narrative of why some tragedies happen in life and what we can do to avoid some of the unpleasant events. He even gives us the reason why President Obama came to power and how his mission as described in this book mirrors some of his public policies. He indicates that President Obama is not a perfect person, but God has positioned him for a divine purpose that even President Obama himself may not be able to comprehend. The book gives some clues about forthcoming events to the U.S.

If you want to learn how to hear the voice of God, this is a must read book. The author goes through a step-by-step process of how to pray, fast, and enter into the presence of God, hearing his voice. The most uplifting experience in reading this book is the journey the author takes the reader to a point of divine spiritual experience of hearing the voice of God and receiving divine instructions. He takes you out of your body into a divine dimension to experience the divinity or Christ and the magnanimity of God. His testimonies about his divine encounters with Jesus confirm his entrance into the portal Gates of Heaven and uncovering of the mystery of human existence in the spirit, soul and body.

Mr. Vidal gives different accounts of his encounters with the Lord Jesus and many of the messages shared with him to be delivered to the world. According to his narratives, the author placed questions before Jesus who answered them in a way that captivates the divine holiness of God and the radiance of his glory through his messengers. Some of Jesus’ answers to some questions will surprise the reader. One of then was the question Jesus asked his disciples, "Who do people think I am?" In this book, Vidal placed the same question before Jesus with a very dramatic response.

Closer Walk With Jesus is a very remarkable book that will inspire those who are already Christians and will enlighten even some non-Christians about their purpose in life. The book gives an inside look at the operations of the Holy Spirit guiding a person to serve God’s purpose. It helps the reader to find his or her purpose in life.

You do not have to believe in God to read this book. If you do, it will change your life forever and it will lead you to inner peace. Stories in this book will leave a reader with no doubt about the functioning hand of the true God who created the universe.

Reviewed by Lara Thomas, Lagos.

 OUTCRY Magazine

Review – Summer 2011

Book Review

Closer Walk With Jesus by Yinka Vidal is the story of the author’s shocking encounters with Jesus, the conversations that ensued, the coming catastrophes to the U.S., the Lord’s warning about GREED, and the failure of today’s church. Jesus also answered an age-old question. The author narrates many testimonies of how the Lord trains, and leads his messengers to hear his voice, and directed to carryout divine assignments. He answers why president Obama came to power, and the Holy Spirit’s response to Oprah’s spirituality. This book gives an excellent direction on how to hear the voice of God, and be connected through the Holy Spirit. It leads the reader on a journey of transforming experience in a spiritual walk with the Lord.

Published by Lara Publications Inc. 472 pages, ISBN # 978-0-9640818-4-0, $23.95.

Website: www.closerwalk.net

Distributed by Anchor Distributors.

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