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A Closer Walk with Jesus: Conversations with Jesus in the Oracle of God is an invitation to accompany the author as he revisits his lifelong spiritual journey. The introduction contains a helpful summary noting that this is the first of several volumes and explaining how the book came to be. The book is an interesting hybrid that at times reads like a suspense novel and at other times as a study guide. I found myself either frantically turning the pages to discover what happens next, or thinking I should be taking notes in order to fully digest what I was reading.

Although he is an educated man, ‘Yinka Vidal labors mightily to describe his conversations with God as delivered by Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God himself. It is obvious that what he has experienced is profound, and beyond normal human experience. Mr. Vidal’s story is very personal. He does not shy away from describing his internal struggles to surrender to the power of God. He recounts his reluctance to discuss his visions for fear of being viewed as crazy, as well as his excitement and joy at being chosen for God’s mission.

The chapters are grouped into sections which focus on specific lessons or themes that Mr. Vidal is trying to convey. One recurring theme is that negative emotions harden a person’s heart so that he/she cannot hear the voice of God and instead hears the voice of Satan. Mr. Vidal provides specific examples of how this occurs and tips for neutralizing satanic forces.

Along with its content, I often judge a book by how it makes me feel. The content of A Closer Walk with Jesus is complex and there are many lessons contained within its pages.  However, what sticks with me most is the sense of joy and hope I felt after reading it.

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