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November 19, 2012

What is Spirituality?

The definition of spirituality entangles many complex answers depending on how many people from different religions are defining the concept of spirituality. Only one answer is correct. Spirituality begins with God. Spirituality existed out of time, before man was created. In the beginning was God. "The earth is the Lord’s and all its fullness, the world and those who dwell therein" (Psalm 24:1). God owns this world. Man was not the first living being God created. God made man the crown of his creation on earth, but man is not God.

I feel greatly very sad when some people’s religion wants to place "man" on the throne to displace God. The most dangerous and delicate games some successful people play is to act as though they created themselves. If you believe and even dare to act as though your success was created only by your efforts, God has the right to bring you down to nothing.

"O Lord, correct me, but with justice; not in your anger, lest you bring me down to nothing" (Jeremiah 10:24). God can bring anybody down to nothing! I have seen this happened to so many successful people, who ended up losing everything. I have seen a millionaire who became homeless. He lost everything including his wife children and relatives. Years later, his ex-wife who already married somebody else saw him in the shelter, and hired him as his housekeeper, doing him a favor. The ex-wife who was living with another rich man never knew she just hired her ex-husband to be her housekeeper. Her ex-husband’s physical appearance had changed due to what happened to him while in the street for the past ten years. The street has done so much physical damage to him; even his ex-wife could not recognize him. One day the housekeeper said something. The ex-wife responded that, "My ex-husband used to talk like that." It was at that moment the ex-husband revealed his identity. When he lost everything, he changed his name to avoid people feeling sorry for him. He placed a distance between himself and the rich guy that used to be a millionaire. The ex-wife almost passed out when her ex-husband who was then her housekeeper revealed who he was. When he was rich, the ex-husband used to brag about how he made it on his own, and God had nothing to do with it. The man found out the truth about God when he became homeless and lived on the street for ten years.

That was exactly what happened to Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon. God stripped him physically naked, crawling on his knees like an animal, and drove him to the wilderness to eat grass like oxen for seven years, until the king realized who was in control. When the king repented after being in the jungle for seven years, his sanity came back. He said, "Now, I Nebuchadnezzar, praise and extol and honor the King of Heaven, all of whose works are truth, and His ways justice. And those who walk in pride He is able to put down" (Daniel 4:37).

People who want to define spirituality within human existence about "here and now" need to be very careful. Otherwise, they may place themselves in serious dangers. Man did not create himself, God did. God gives us the light and the energy of our existence. Without God’s life in us, human body dies. Give God the glory, people! He deserves that much respect for his investment on each person. You did not make yourself, God did!

Caution About the Spirituality in Idolatry

We need to be careful accepting answers from different people regarding the definition of spirituality based on their religion or whom or what they worship. If Jesus is not the only way to God, why did God kill his own Son as a ransom for the sins of humanity? It bothers me to no end when people say, with thousands on religions on earth, why is Jesus the only way. Personally, I find such a question very offensive. Tell me any other religion whose messenger is qualified to stand before God as the advocate for our sins. Tell me whose blood is worthy to purify the sins of humanity! Tell me who ever lived on this earth without sinning except Jesus? Tell, me who paid your sin debt in full?

If the blood of Jesus is not precious, ask any parent willing to sacrifice his or her children on the cross. God has to judge sin. Otherwise he is not a just God. Somebody has to pay the penalty for the sins of humanity. God’s plan of salvation is to reconcile man back to himself. No religion on earth to date has anybody whose blood is precious enough to die for the sins of humanity except Jesus. Jesus’ blood not only purified the tabernacle on earth, it also purified the tabernacle in Heaven. Spirituality therefore starts from the invisible world of God. Only Jesus’ blood was good enough to seal the New Covenant between God and man.

An idol worshipper will give a different definition of spirituality. A person who performs witchcraft will give another example of spirituality. I’m hoping that most people in traditional religions like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism will have a similar answer to that question. Those three religions try to embrace the spirituality based on the concept of one God as the center of creation and the universe. All these three religions know about Jesus, whether they all believe in him is another story. But, that does not change the fact that Jesus is the Son of God. I will be answering this question based on my background as a Christian. My answer will reveal some hidden mysteries inside the Spirit realm of God that may blow some people’s minds even including Christians. I’m going to be discussing the pre-existence of human spirit with God, and my own personal experience around such time.

Origin of Spirituality

Spirituality started with God in the invisible realm before earthly existence. Spirituality did not start with man. Spirituality begins with God the Father, the greatest Lover, the Creator and a Just God. Spirituality becomes the extension of God to other living beings he created. This was why Jesus said, "God is a Spirit, and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth" (St. John 4:24). God created the spirit of every living soul on earth. Without God, there is no spirit. Without spirit there is no life or being. Without being, there is no existence. Man has a beginning. God has no beginning. "From everlasting to everlasting God has been God!" Inside God is life. God gave that light to his Son, Jesus. Jesus becomes the physical manifestation of the invisible God. God’s creations are part of the manifestations and extension of his glory. Everything that existed in this world was created mostly around the same time during the time God created this world. God created the human spirits. Even the spirits of babies being born this year 2012 and yet to arrive on this earth were already created at the time God created the world. God is not busy today still creating new people. God is done with creation business when he rested on the seventh day (Genesis 2:2). Today, he is into management business of all the things he created and the ones that are yet to arrive into the earthly realm.

Pre-Incarnate Spirit

When God created the spirits of all the human beings destined to come to this earth, he kept them in his protective custody in the spirit realm. These spirits are kept away from knowing anything about the earthly activities. Inside each spirit is the human soul. They are alive, but kept in a state of semi-consciousness like a state of suspended animation. God releases those spirit beings at a point and time of his desire. While these spirits are in God’s custody he would select some of them, and release them as ministering Spirits to serve his purpose on earth. These Spirit beings are not angels. I have interacted with them to know that they are body-less beings God sends out to help other messengers in the earthly realm serving his purpose.

When the assignments of these Spirit beings are over, they will return to God, and back to a state of suspended animation - semi-consciousness. Those spirit beings can never find a resting place for their souls anywhere on earth until they return back to the Father in Heaven. Every spirit God created can only find a resting place with God. From these group of spiritual beings are the special group called the elects. The elects are those spirit beings who already served God in spirit dimension that God releases on earth giving them physical bodies. Many of them still carry the memories of their past assignments with God. When these people arrive on earth, they are not ordinary people because they still carry their spiritual connection to the invisible world where they originally came from. Some of them are serving in the ministry for the Lord. Not all these beings are in the ministry. Some of them are serving God’s purpose in other areas of life on special assignments away from organized religions.

Special assignments are given to some of these spirits by God in the pre-incarnate state. These Spirit Beings remain invisible as they are sent to serve other people already on earth. Every messenger God sent on earth is assigned angels, and ministering Spirits for protection, and to help achieve earthly assignments. During big, or special events, these protective angels and ministering Spirits are increased in number. For example, about three months prior to the election, the guardian angels and ministering Spirits have just arrived, and are presently in the earthly realm. They are presently in strategic positions to influence changes to suit God’s purpose. At this time just like the last election, I can feel the fire of their Spirit presence. If you are walking in the Spirit of God, at this time, you will notice that you are in the communion of saints. Their mission is to be sure God’s assignment is carried out and those in the earthly realm serving God’s purpose are protected. Regardless to whatever anybody may say, only one person’s vote counts. That is the vote already cast by God himself.

When the Spirits complete their assignments, they return to God. Once the people complete their assignments on earth after death, these ministering Spirits assigned to them return to their stations in the invisible realm with God. From there, they may be reassigned to another messenger on earth. A good example of this was John the Baptist coming in the Spirit and power of Elijah. John was not Elijah, each of them has distinctive soul. But, they both came in the same Spirit vessel due to the mantle assignment given them by God.

Note, these Spirit beings known as ministering spirits sent on assignments on earth are Spirit attachments to those already in the earthly realm. These Spirits have not actually experienced life as physical beings in the physical world. They have no physical bodies. They were just God’s spiritual messengers on earth as divine managers. They are only here in spirit form to serve the Lord’s purpose by helping those people already in the earthly realm. Some of these ministering Spirits who have been obedient to God and serving in the spirit realms for God for many years, may yearn to come on earth in physical bodies. God will then give them opportunity to arrive on earth this time placing them inside a physical body. While they arrive on earth with their own unique physical bodies, some of them still retain the memories of their previous assignments with God. This is what some people confuse with spontaneous reincarnation. There is nothing called spontaneous reincarnation. One soul can only go through this earthly experience once for soul purification. However, that spirit – the vessel people travel inside can travel through the earthly dimension again based on God’s re-assignment like he did John the Baptist and Elijah. Most of God’s messengers on earth came this way. That was why God said to Jeremiah, "Before I made you in the belly, I knew you" (Jeremiah 1:5). God was reminding Jeremiah that he used to work for God in the spirit dimension before he came on this earth. Jeremiah was not a fresh spirit God created. He had served God in the spirit dimension prior to the time he was released to come on earth in a physical body. If God did not see and know his operation in the spirit dimension, there is no way God was going to tell him that he knew him. Granting, there are many human spirits as messengers God sent and became defiant of God after their arrival on earth. At one time, even Jesus had to mount a search team using his disciples while looking for these people lost on the mission field. He said, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel" (St. Matthew 15:24). A good example was Paul, who was persecuting Christians. When Paul entered the earthly realm, he forgot about his pre-ordained assignment for the Lord. Jesus therefore issued a warrant for this arrest on the way to Damascus (Acts 9: 1-16).

"Before you came out of your mother’s womb, I ordained you as a prophet to the nation." God was telling Jeremiah, he ordained him as a prophet for the assignment placed before him while he was still in his mother’s womb. Jeremiah received his ministry mantle and ordination from God while he was still in the womb. Exactly the same thing happened to John the Baptist when Jesus ordained and baptized him while he was still inside Elizabeth. After the baptism, John was said to have jumped inside Elizabeth for joy on the visit of the Virgin Mary who herself was pregnant with Jesus.

"And it happened, when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, that the babe leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit" (St. Luke 1:41).

Another good examples of preexistence of spirit before earthly existence were given by Jesus when he said, "And now, O father, glorify me together with yourself, with the glory which I had with you before the world was" (St. John 17:5).

"They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world" (St. John 17:16).

If Jesus Christ disciples were not of this world, it meant that God chose them to serve while they were still in preexistence state the same thing God told Jeremiah.

Based on the activities of the two witnesses in the Book of Revelation, chapter 11, these people have been here before. They only appeared momentarily for a special assignment. The operation of these two witnesses for 1260 days in sackcloth confirms that God sends messengers on earth for his purpose. These are not ordinary messengers. They are supernatural messengers of God based on their appearance and their disappearance on earth. They are spirit beings from God given physical bodies for special assignments on earth.

Every person on this earth has an assignment, or assignments from God. There are some messengers that are sent on super-special assignments for God. These are the elects. They are elected for special assignments just like the two witnesses in the Book of Revelation. These messengers have no choice. They either do the assignments placed before them, or God immediately removes them from the earth. Each of these messengers carries special power of the radiance of the glory of God. God will not allow any of them to trample upon his glory, or surrender it to the enemy. Otherwise, God reserve the right to take them out by taking them home with him. In John 17, prior to Jesus leaving this world, he gave an account of his assignment to God. Jesus was ready to depart from the physical world back into the Spirit realm. He therefore was giving his finished account of his assignment on earth to God the Father who sent him.

Origin of Human Spirituality

God sent other human beings on earth at certain time period by releasing them from the heavenly storage, and giving each of them a body. Personally, of all the memories I kept very vividly, the preexistence state is still very clear to me even today. I finally understand God kept this memory alive in me so I can share this with people, especially how I traveled from the invisible to the earthly realm. When the human spirit takes up a body, and enters into the physical dimension, we perceive his or her existence. We do not realize that these spirits have been in existence from the time of creation of the world when God created them and placed them in storage. Human spirit pre-existence is just like a little girl born on earth. That little girl is born with all the female eggs she will need in her ovary for life to make babies on earth. Similarly, human spirituality does not start from human physical body, or his first appearance on earth. Human spirituality started from the time God created those spirits and placed them with others in semi-conscious state. This is the mystery of human existence many people do not know and many Christians still struggle with. When a person appears on this earth, for the first time, his body may be new, but his spirit has been in existence from the foundation of the world in preexistent state.

Jesus confirmed this to me one day when he said, "I am your first love not your wife." For a long time, that statement freaked me out! I did not know what Jesus meant by that statement. This statement was never made one time. It started to play in my spiritual ears for a long time to the point of driving me crazy. What do you want from me Lord? Was a question I started to ask myself. I did not have an idea why Jesus was telling me such a thing. Was he trying to aggravate me? Perhaps not! After God appeared to me in North Carolina, Jesus message became clearer to me saying, "Don’t you place anybody before me, even your wife." My response, "Okay Lord, I hear you." A couple of years later, I ran into a place in the Book of Revelation as quoted by one of the elders in the church saying, "Nevertheless, I have something against you, that you have left your first love" (Revelation 2:4).

I did not have an idea such a verse existed in the Bible. Jesus has a very interesting way of communicating people on earth. He tends to use the Bible verses. When Jesus first made that statement to me years earlier, I did not know he picked that verse from the Bible. By that statement, Jesus was telling me the same thing God told Jeremiah saying, "Before I made you in the belly, I knew you." That statement confirmed the prophecy made to me shortly before I graduated from high School. During a revival with his eyes closed, this prophet came standing before me and said, "God asked me to tell you, if you dared not to serve God in your life, you will suffer greatly!" What other evidence do we need to confirm the pre-incarnate spirit of men? So, when God appeared to me in North Carolina, and repeated the same thing, I started shaking like a leaf getting ready to fall off a tree. I was scared!

When politicians and Christians alike say that life begins at conception, they have no idea what they are talking about. That statement is absolute nonsense! Life begins from the heart of God even before they were created in the spirit form. Man has four levels of existence. The first is the constructive creation of a spirit inside the heart of God. The second is the creation of the human spirit inside of which is the human soul at the time God created the world. The third is the time God releases those spirits and give each of them a body to experience life on earth. The fourth is the time after death when man goes back into the spirit existence form where he came from. In between these stages of existence are transitional times depending on the assignment God placed before each person. No human spirit dies even if the physical body is aborted. Every human spirit is immortal. Both aborted babies and those who die as children return to God in Heaven. People will be surprised after they get back to Heaven, and see those babies in Heaven welcoming them home. At that time, people who lost their children while they were young will see them as part of the welcoming team in Heaven.

If a person understands human spirit journey that we are just passing through the physical world, and we will be going back into the spirit realm, we cannot even envisage that human spirituality starts with man. The existence on earth is a temporary one. This is not home. Man does not create himself. Man does not give the energy of life to the physical body. Man does not create anything. Although we want to take credit for our own creation based on the way we act sometimes. This is laughable! Nobody knows how long he will spend on this earth, except hidden in the heart of God according to Psalm 139. How then can we dare to say that human spirituality starts from within a person? Without God human existence dies! Human spirituality therefore starts with God who created us. The demonic virus has contaminated the human soul from the Garden of Eden. This horrible seduction of human soul that took place in the Garden of Eden is the reason why evil is associated with romantic love and sex. Today, many people are still busy feeding the demonic virus with perverted intimacy and sex. The more we engage in such illicit pleasures, the more we open the door for demons to come and dine and dwell with us. The more empowerment we give to the devil. Without the progression to spiritual love between a married couple, romantic love will eventually fail, and may sometimes be dangerous leading to bloodshed. This contamination of human soul took place at the level of his desires. If we choose to only embrace what is within human spirit at the soulish realm, and call it spirituality, we may be embracing the wrong thing. The same hot love with powerful erotic fire, inflamed with flamboyant energy of human sexuality can sometimes lead to great tragedies. We embrace the acknowledgment of the Holy Spirit within, only when we recognize the human spirit’s association with the Spirit of God, and in connection with the Spirit of Christ. This is important because many people sometimes confuse the operation within the human spirit (soulish realm) with that of the Holy Spirit. They confuse human spirit with the Holy Spirit. These are two different spirit realms and dimensions. The Holy Spirit operational dimension is very different from the realm of human spirit dimension.

If we believe God created us. God is the author of life. God is therefore the person who has the secret to each human existence on earth and the mission placed before each person. God is the one who created the blue print and the paper insert of each person he created. There is nothing wrong in digging deeper into human soul to learn more about what God has inserted inside each person. We should however not make a god out of the soul within. The soul within does not create himself; God does. Therefore human spirituality MUST start from God the creator. Until we understand that fact, we will be dabbling into many dangerous territories in the spirit realm. When the Bible says, "Greater is he that is in me, than he that is in the world" (I John 4:4). This is not talking about the human spirit within, but about the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The statement therefore applies only to those who have accepted Christ and are baptized by the Holy Spirit.

Operation of Human Spirituality

After our arrival on earth in the physical bodies, we start to interact with our environment and other people not knowing what God has buried within us. Although the human spirit is represented in the physical body we carry around, that is not who we are. The physical body may not look so good on the outside, but there may be many treasures buried within. Man operates on three different levels; the physical, spiritual, and the emotional. People tend to confuse the emotional component of their human existence with their spirituality. Many of what I have been hearing on talk shows has very little to do with spirituality and a lot to do with human emotions. Human emotion has very little to do with human spirituality. Defining human spirituality as human emotional perception is a grave error. Human spiritual and emotional manifestations are two different dimensions. Human emotional manifestations have direct correlation with what we are experiencing in the physical realm, but little to do with the events of the spirit realm. Human emotions are fired up by human spirit in response to the events happening around us. However, we fail to realize that those events happening in the physical have already manifested in the spirit realm. By fighting those events in the physical realm is a waste of time. When we enter into the Spirit realm of God, we have a better understanding of what is happening. Human spirituality has nothing to do with what is happening at this moment, quite the contrary. The physical manifestations of events around us represent the events already taken place in the spirit dimension.

Take for example when God asked Moses to build an Ark. The Ark God asked Moses to build was a replica of the Ark that was already in Heaven. That Ark was revealed to us in the Book of Revelation. The temple that Solomon built on earth for God was a replica of the temple already in Heaven. After Jesus resurrection, he entered the temple in Heaven carrying his own blood. He acted similar to what the High Priest would do on earth, to atone for our sins. The high priest on earth would carry the blood of animals into the temple made by hand on earth. When Jesus entered the temple not made by hand in Heaven, he was carrying his blood that wiped out ALL of our sins from the past, present and future (Hebrew 9:11-28). This is one of the most critical aspects of which foundation Christianity is built upon. For this major reason, Jesus is the only way to God. God did not kill his own Son on the cross just for fun! This is serious business because somebody has to pay for sins of the world to bring reconciliation back to God. Jesus was the only one qualified! Who else? Nobody, except Jesus! Praise God!

The point I’m stressing in this part of the article is the solid fact that many things manifesting on this earth in the physical already happened in the spirit realm including physical deaths of anybody on earth. When my uncle or other people in my family were about to die, they were sending out death vibrations. In spite these people may not be sick, but their deaths were already recorded in Heaven. Before physical death on earth occurs when the human spirit gets ready to come out of human body, that death is already recorded in Heaven. People may be giving off death vibrations prior to their death on earth because there is preparation for death and the alteration of soul existence has started. A few days prior to a person’s death, you can feel the eeriness of the person’s soul alteration and the death vibrations being given off. When Jesus was giving account to God in John 17, he said, "I’m no longer in the world." Jesus was physically in the world, but the physical separation of the body from the soul has already started. He was already giving off death vibrations prior to his crucifixion and death on the cross.

Therefore, if we are able to have a glimpse of the invisible world of God, we will see the future and be prepared for what is to come. God exists both in the present, past and future. God does not live in the earthly time zone. His presence is known everywhere, however, God lives in timeless zone in Heaven. God can tell the present past and future at the same time. All of our anticipation-associated anxieties are based on our inability to enter into God’s Spirit realm and find out about the future that is already in existence with God. Jesus helped us by sending the Holy Spirit. When we surrender to the Holy Spirit, we live inside the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit becomes the connector between man and God through Jesus. People who do not have the Holy Spirit will enter the spirit realm at their own risk, and may be possessed by other ungodly spirits during ascension. At times they stay on the parallel plane of spirit existence in interaction with other human spirits (soul connections). Caution, danger exists at every level of human spirit interactions. There are human spirit and demonic spirit predators in the spirit realm including other very wicked spirits of other dimensions. This is the more reason why it is highly important that people should receive the Holy Spirit of God and let the Eternal Spirit be the guardian of their souls in the spirit realm. At times, people receive some other spirits from the spirit realm like some of these actors and actresses tend to do. This can be very dangerous. They are playing with fire! It’s like somebody has a poisonous pet snake. You never know when the snake is going to strike. What such people accepting strange spirit do not realize is the fact that those disembodied spirits are using their bodies to experience life on earth. Some of these spirits may be spirits of the dead who refused to go to their resting place, perverted spirits, or demonic spirit attachments. Such spirits may even help them to achieve certain objectives in life because every spirit has energy. In the end, if they are not careful these strange spirits they have accepted may lead them to great tragedies in life, or to a sudden death. Sustain a relationship with strange spirits at your own risk! One day you may be found dead. Jesus said, "The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy." You have been warned!

Purpose of the Human Spirit

Inside the human spirit is the encasement of the human soul. The human spirit therefore serves as the locomotive vehicle the soul resides. When the human soul gets ready to travel in the spirit realm or interact with other human souls, he uses the vehicle and the energy of the human spirit. Every spirit has energy. The human spirit like any other spirit is the supplier of the spiritual energy that propels the human soul, and is also the energy that sustains human life. Once the human spirit comes out of the human body, the physical body dies. The physical body can never die with the human spirit trapped inside. When we receive the Holy Spirit, he takes a dwelling place inside the human spirit. When we surrender to the Holy Spirit, he wraps himself around our human spirit in which the human soul resides. Once we surrender to the Holy Spirit, we place our life operations away from the human soul and under the control of the Spirit of God.

People can dig deeper into their human spirit and find superficial spiritual healing. This is the deception many people face when they are in crises situations and engage the human spirit. The operation of human spirit is very limited without the Holy Spirit. The emotional healing and joy people find in digging into their human spirit is very short lived. Subsequent contentment gives man a false sense of security. Digging into the human spirit is helpful during crisis situations, but the Holy Spirit gives the highest level of security in the spirit realm. If we walk away from such spiritual security of God, we open ourselves to danger. Then, you open the door for the devil to do his number on you.

Very importantly, as we enter into the physical dimension after spirit release from God, our human spirit with the encasement of the human soul becomes not only a locomotive device, but also an energy supplier. It also becomes a mode of communication into the spirit realm. Our human spirit conducts majority of our interactions with the spirit realm. Human spirituality is not just about interaction with human spirit within, it is also about human communication within the spirit realm. We communicate with the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Jesus, the Spirit of angels, ministering Spirits, the spirits of the host of Heaven, spirit of animals, the spirit of other human beings still living, including the spirit of dead ones, the spirits of other beings in the invisible world, and God forbid with the spirit of demons. Human spirituality on earth is more complex than just about the selfishness of human soul. We also interact with the invisible world around us. To keep such interaction safe, it is very important to let the Holy Spirit be the guardian of our souls. We do so by accepting Jesus as our savior, accepting God’s plan of salvation, and we receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Whatever man does in the spirit realm without the Holy Spirit places the human spirit in grave danger including possible spirit abduction. Human spirituality is therefore not limited to "here and now." Here and now has no meaning in the spirit realm because only the earthly realm makes "here and now" important. The Spirit realm of God exists not in the earthly time dimension, but in the timeless dimension as well. If we become stuck with the human spirit, we may overlook a lot of things in the spirit realm and may actually place our human spirit in danger.

Finally, spirituality is also expressed as the spirit that drives us. The spirit that drives us is the spirit that we worship. Many people believe in God. Demons believe in God as well. But, they do not want to accept Jesus. Consequently, the best way to know who is truly worshipping God is to identify who has accepted Jesus or who has rejected him. If a person tells you he or she believes in God but, not in Jesus, that’s the red flag that such a person is worshipping another spirit other than the Spirit of God. You can only find the Spirit of God in Jesus. People worship other spirits including human spirits, human perverted spirits, or demonic spirit, and call it God. When the spirit that drives a person is anything other than the Spirit of God, such people turn deaf ears to the name of Jesus. They do so because the spirit that drives them has an aversion to the Spirit of God in Christ. At times, they will even get angry when you mention the name of Jesus. In reality such people neither know God, nor Jesus. Other spirits drive them other than the Spirit of God. Regardless to their achievements in life, they remain in subjection, and in bondage to the enemy of God. Later, the enemy will strike inflicting very painful damage, or may crush them to death.

Human spirituality is more than "here and now" because God lives in a timeless dimension. We are spirit beings passing by the earthly realm; we can also interact with other spirits in the invisible realm. We will eventually be back in the spirit dimension after life on earth is over. The life on earth as much as we make a great deal out of it is very short compared to eternity. Many people would be shockingly surprised after life is over on earth that their human spirit lives on into eternity. The essence of life is not about "us" contrary to what some spirit gurus maybe telling us. The essence of life is God sending us on a journey on this earth for his purpose, and for soul purification. We are God’s investments on earth. He wants sustained communication with him through Jesus. He also wants a return for his investments. Life is therefore NOT just about us, it is about the purpose God placed us on this earth. Regardless to any achievements we accomplish on this earth, if we fail to fulfill God’s assignment for us, our life may end up in a total failure. Life without God’s purpose is meaningless!

"Obsession with self in these matters is a dead end; attention to God leads us out into the open, into a spacious free life" (Romans 8:6).

"For he is our God, and we are the people of His pasture, and the sheep of his hand"

(Psalm 95:7).

Jesus already described spirituality by saying, "God is a Spirit, and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth" (St. John 4:24).

Spirituality is about a process of communication and relationship with God. However, the communication in the spirit is not limited to God, but with other spirits especially the human spirits. Once we place our relationship and communion with God ahead of other relationships, it helps us to understand other spirit associations and relationships. God places us on this earth for his purpose. In that process we go through the purification of human soul from the deadly contamination by the devil in the Garden of Eden. If we can understand God as the central piece of our existence on earth, everything falls in place. We live our life inside him. However, if we keep on focusing on "Self" such efforts may lead to a life of total failure, and great disappointment regardless to our earthly achievements. Many millionaires and billionaires have committed suicide for one reason. On January 5, 2009, Adolf Merckle, a German billionaire committed suicide in Germany, by throwing himself in front of a moving train. His suicide is not about money, but about the emptiness of human soul in the absence of the Holy Spirit. Such emptiness defines a spiritual poverty without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Money cannot buy eternal joy, peace and serenity with God.

God is the author of life, and he has the right to design its purpose for each person. He also gives us the opportunity to wonder in the wilderness of this life. He did design our purpose from the foundation of the world. We therefore owe everything to him, not to ourselves. Why is it so difficult to love a person who gave you everything? Please, I beg you in God’s name. Do not give God’s glory to creations! There is a void in every human for God. Without God, "Self" is nothing! With Eternal Spirit, even the worthless of sinners, and the penniless of the homeless can still find serenity and peace with God. It’s called the Grace of Our Lord Jesus!

To God be the glory! Amen!

Yinka Vidal, Author, Closer Walk With Jesus.