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October 3, 2013

Government Shutdown: American Government Under Siege

Day #3 America Held Hostage by the Tea Party

Many people may be thinking that the government shut down by the Tea Party hostage takers is about the Obamacare (Affordablecare), it’s not. The Tea Party minority group of the GOP wants to be heard. They believe their actions are justified if they throw temper tantrum like they are doing now. Erroneously, many people believe that both sides need to work things out. Just think about this scenario. You’re the owner of a restaurant. You seek approval from the government for permit. Three branches of government gave you the three permits to open. You opened up the restaurant and start serving food. With your restaurant filled with customers sitting before their food, a small group of the government who already gave you permission said, "We don’t like his menu." Because the owner of the restaurant refused to change his menu, this minority group decided to shut down the restaurant and push those customers out the door? How many business owners will be pleased with this faction of the government in spite of your three permits? So, President Obama is not a game player in this issue. He is a victim of partisan politics of the Right Wing Gangsters.

Years ago, I used to be a political conservative, or at least a sympathizer. The more I learn about their ideology and tactics, the more I want to distance myself from their mob-like mentality. What happened to "compassionate conservatives?" The fight is not about Obamacare (Affordablecare), the fight is about one party who wants to help the poor, and the other by the GOP said, no way, and they do not care! It is so ironic the same GOP aligned themselves with Christians. The teachings of Christ ask us to have compassion for the poor, the widows and the less fortunate. The gullible Christians follow them blindly as soon as they wave the abortion banner, which is a form of deception. Presently the Christians are silenced because of the issue of abortion which has nothing to do with the issues on the table. This was a well-planned orchestration by the GOP extremists to terrorize the nation. I give them credit for silencing Christians over this Affordabecare debate. Jesus even stressed that by taking care of the less fortunate is the way he would judge the individual Christians regardless to whether they work in the ministry or not. Well done Tea Party organizers as you’re leading many who follow you straight to damnation in hell!


Here are my concerns for the GOP, the nation, and the dangers ahead

1. The GOP’s ideology of caring less for the working class led to the real estate scams. Millions of Americans lost their homes.

2. The GOP’s ideology of no-regulation led to environmental pollution and present increase in cancers, especially brain cancer in the nation

3. The present GOP’s ideology opens the door for the Wall Street scam artists to steal people’s money. Many middle class Americans lost their savings because they were stolen. Other nations like China blasted American government for allowing this robbery. Yet the GOP never learns their lessons.

4. The GOP ideology allows credit card companies and other lenders to keep stealing money from people through predatory lending. To the GOP, it’s just business.

5. The GOP’s ideology allows the gap between the poor and the rich to get wider according to this year’s report of wealth distribution. To them their democracy is the survival of the fittest. They support blowing up Iraq with $6 trillion, yet they are unwilling to spend less than this to help the poor of this country. What a shame!


Here is My Fear and Great Concern

If the poor people continue to experience abuses by the rich because the government allows it, a social revolution will ignite in this nation against the rich. The Middle Class has always been the defender of the rich people. If the middle class is wiped out according to prediction, we will only have the rich and the poor. Without doubt, the evil that took place in the Book, "A Tale of Two Cities," by Charles Dickens will happen in the U.S. I already predicted this a couple of years ago. We have already seen the foreshadowing of what will happen due to "Occupy Wall Street Movement." This should be a warning to the leaders of all nations who believe the rich people have the right to enslave the poor people like the GOP is presently doing. There was a section in the Book, "A Tale of Two Cities" when a rich man ran over a poor man in the street and killed him. The rich man just threw a couple of coins at the man struggling and wounded in the street after he was ran over by the horse driving carriage. The people who witnessed the incident were very outraged by the behavior of the rich man. The sadness of the book by Charles Dickens was the social revolution that too place, the capture and the arrest of rich people and politicians of the time. Many of them were beheaded by the guillotine. I pray to God that America will not come to this point in history. We’re already sowing the seed for such revolution.

As a young student in the high school when I read that story over 50 years ago, I learned that you could not oppress the poor people for long. One day they will revolt and there may be enormous bloodshed. Democracy is the government of the people by the people. This is not a totalitarian government! It is not a government by the elite or the Tea Party for the whole nation. If whatever actions or public policies you design will cause many people to suffer needlessly and you do not care because of your ideology, you need to get out of politics. A politician should not be adamant to represent a minority opinion to the point of shutting down the government. This is not democracy; but the tyranny of ideological madness! The GOP story is like the children who took over the family, revolted against their parents because they disagree with the establishment, they shut down the system! There is a way to get back at those children regardless to whether their constituents support them. Find out their financial source and cut them off. My suggestion is for people to boycott any business that supports fanaticism. Such an action will save America’s democracy from the bandits!

Who carries the biggest blame? Look at the GOP establishment who allowed children wearing diapers to come and usurp their political authority while holding the parents and the nation at gunpoint. When Bob Dole was in Congress such coup d’etat would never have been allowed. The children would have been put in their place. Today, we Americans allow the children to run our homes as they call us their parents "stupid." Who do you blame, the parents who lost control of their homes or the children throwing temper tantrum?

One time in my church I had to exercise democracy when the Personnel committee decided to give a raise to a youth teacher. Personally, I opposed the raise and so did many church members. Yet when the committee approved of the raise as the Chair of the church Personnel Committee, I had to present the decision to the entire church congregation for a vote regardless to my own personal position. The church approved the raise and half of the church members walked out and left the church. That’s democracy! The law about affordablecare was passed three years ago. It was the GOP version of the Mitt Romney’s healthcare for his entire state. If it is good for Romney’s state, why is it not good for the nation? That’s where the hypocrisy of the GOP lies! We should not even be talking about this, as we became the laughing stock of other nations. I was told over the weekend by visitors from one of the nations of evolving democracy that "America politics has become toxic; a bad example of democracy to other developing nations." They promised never to choose America’s form of democracy. It’s become a disaster for the nation and the people! Both Russia and China are both laughing at the U.S. government shutdown by political bandits.

I worked in hospitals for over 40 years. When people without insurance arrive at the emergency room, they are at the end stage of their disease. I have seen many of the older ones arrived at the hospital with end stage congestive heart failure. There was nothing we could do for the patients. Most of them died in failure. Consider how much suffering they went through. We have made healthcare so aversive in the U.S. because it is profit driven, even people with insurance are too afraid to visit their doctors. I just buried a childhood friend in August, 2013. She had insurance. She had ovarian cancer. By the time she went for check up a couple of years later, it had metastasized to her lungs. She died in early August 2013. People with healthcare insurance also learn about preventions and living healthier lifestyles. Without healthcare coverage many of them would die at home.

It bothers me to no end when people who opposed helping the poor claim they are Christians. No they’re not! I do not know the God they are worshipping or the Jesus they follow. We must be reading a different Bible.

I want to end this article with what Jesus said:

"Not all those who call me Lord, Lord shall enter the kingdom of God, except those who do the will of my father in Heaven" (St. Matthew 7:21).

"Depart from me ye cursed into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels; for when I was hungry, and you gave me nothing to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave me nothing to drink; I was a stranger and you did not take me in, naked and you did not clothe me, sick and in prison, and you did not visit me" (St. Matthew 25:41-43).

Another possible explanation for this government shutdown is to imply to the whole world that democracy does not work. As a result this incident and many like this to come will push the world closer to one-world-order, as the end of time gets closer.

One thing I have learned about human behavior over the years also used by politicians. At the height of human hyper-emotionalism, the human brain starts to malfunction. The cognitive aspect does not respond to reasoning based on neurochemistry. The typical examples are the cases of Jim Jones of Peoples Temple – November 18, 1978; David Koresh of Branch Davidians – May 1990; and Marshall Applewhite of the Heaven’s Gate – 1997. Due to their religious and political fanaticism, they led thousands who believed and followed them to their graves! Because of these incidents all in the U.S., I taught my children never to follow any group. I taught them to be independent thinkers. They should not allow anybody to think for them. Be careful of any group who claims to always be right and everybody is wrong. The GOP Tea Party is a disaster for America!

Yinka Vidal

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