In one of his visitations,Jesus said to me, "Deny yourself, take your cross, and follow me."

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Section One

The First Visitation – Testimonies #1 through #6

Chapters #1 to #6

This section describes my divine call by the Lord Jesus to serve him. Receiving an official invitation to serve in the ministry by the Lord was never my expectation.

I have been a Christian all my life and have been serving in church since I was a child. Yet, Jesus used the situation to issue an official invitation to serve in his ministry on earth. At that time, I did not have an idea how this divine invitation would change my life. This first section of six chapters also serves as my introduction to the book. Most of the issues discussed in this section will be discussed in details later in the book.

The greatest shock of my life was the divine visitation of my Lord Jesus Christ to me. Jesus visited me!


Section Two

In Search of God – Testimonies #7 through #22

Chapters #7 to #11

This section describes the early part of my journey as a teenage Christian. What happened to a young man between the ages of 16 to 18 years old in relentless search for God? I could not explain this until a secret was revealed to me through the Spirit of God. Spiritual hunger was never by accident; God already planted something very special inside me before I was born. This hidden code continues to illuminate a very hungry desire for God. I was dying to experience the presence of God.

Section Three

Divine Assignments – Testimonies #23 through #54

Chapters #12 to #16

This section describes the beginning of my personal crises I never anticipated. I felt God was punishing me for my sins. I faced one challenge after another in an almost endless struggle to find peace and meaning in life. Following an incident that almost ended my life, I heard the Voice of Jesus giving me assignments to serve his purpose.

Jesus opened a door before me and asked me to walk through. I had no idea what was going to happen except that he told me he was sending me on a mission. He showed me life and death. I made a wise decision to follow his instructions.

 Section Four

Transformation – Testimonies #55 through #57

Chapters 17 to 21

This section describes my personal transformation along my journey with Jesus Christ. The Lord infuses certain information into my spirit, and takes me through a process of spiritual empowerment. The first part discusses twenty topics of great importance to anybody serving in the ministry. The second part discusses the process of spiritual empowerment against satanic forces.

There is no way anybody can meet Jesus and not be transformed. The changes in our lifestyle seen by people become our testimony for Jesus. If being a Christian has not changed us, then we must reevaluate whether we have a true relationship with Jesus. This section discusses some of the issues we need to consider.

 Section Five

Crises on the Mission Field: Testimonies #58 through #100

Chapters #22 to #30

This section describes a series of crises on the mission field, and the story of how Jesus walked me through fire. I never once in my life anticipated problems on the mission field. Jesus, however, used the challenges that I faced to reveal his glory through me. Initially, I became angry at many of the challenges I faced. In many of these situations, Christ revealed many things to me about his message, the world, and myself. Despite my hesitations, Jesus was determined to walk me through fire to teach me great lessons about life.

The major glory Christ wanted to reveal through me, as he later made clear to me was to position me as a messenger, to deliver a very critical message to the nation and the world.

 Section Six

Lessons in the Wilderness – Testimonies #102 through #105

Chapters #31 to #33

This short section describes the lessons I learned as Jesus walked me through fire. He brought me to a place of brokenness as he walked me through the valley. Jesus revealed to me the joy of brokenness. There is great joy after the wilderness experience.

Regardless of the obstacles we face in life for the Lord in the ministry, tough times will not last forever. But, tough people do. The wilderness is not a dwelling place but a passageway through. Jesus death and resurrection reveal to us that there is life and joy beyond the cross.

 Section Seven

Mysterious Handwriting of God – Testimonies #107 through #130

Chapters #34 to #40

This section was never anticipated. It describes some of the mysteries of God revealed to me in the Spirit realm while I was writing this book. Many of the testimonies and the new stories in this section were freshly given to me. God stretches his hand to touch our humanity as he continues to pour down his divine messages. It also includes a summary of some key important messages the Lord revealed to me.

I had a press interview with Jesus because I placed many questions before him over a period of time. Jesus answered most of my questions. He also answers the famous question he asked his disciples ages ago, "Who do people think I am?" When I placed this question before Jesus, initially, I did not think he was going to answer the question. But, as always, the Lord shockingly surprised me by answering the question in a very dramatic way. I was very shaken by the experience.

Jesus also revealed to me the visions of the coming catastrophe and some shocking future events about the United States. This section will also discusses the revelations of why President Obama came to power and why God placed him in office at this point and time in history.



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