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January 14, 2012

Prophecies Come True Again!

21 Prophetic and Supernatural Events Around President Obama’s Election Victory

In 2008 when Candidate Barack Obama was campaigning for the White House, the Lord revealed many things to me about this person. I was sitting quietly in St. Louis minding my own business when the Lord crossed my pathway in the Spirit realm with that of Candidate Obama. I have heard about him being a congressional representative from Chicago. He was very popular because of his fiery speeches and a large crown tended to follow him across the nation. He is married to this African queen called Michelle. They had two daughters; Sasha and Malia. I also learned later that he was a great fan of Oprah Winfrey. Then, I believe we had something in common in the earthly realm. The shocker came when the Lord himself chose and anointed him to lead this nation; the United States. I had many questions because I have never met this person. Yet, the Lord had chosen me to serve him. When the Lord gave me an assignment about him, I knew our paths in life crossed each other. This was the beginning of my assignment for a man that would be President Barack Obama in 2008. Please follow the prophetic timeline.

This article will trace my spiritual journey with the assignment given to me for President Obama. Many of these prophesies about President Obama already came true. For confirmation, I will be citing pages of the book, Closer Walk With Jesus which documented many of the prophecies. The book took me about five years to write, but was completed in 2009 and released in 2010. Most of the events surrounding President Obama were written between 2008 and 2009. While reading this article, carefully note how the prophecy timeline accurately predicted the events that happened in 2008 election as foreshadowing of the same series of events that brought President Obama to election victory again in 2012. The book release date was in 2010. Two years later the same events that surrounded 2008 election also repeated themselves in 2012. In each of these events, I will identify the similarities in prophetic timeline as the 2008 election victory of President Obama mirrored that of 2012.

First: God Raised a Messenger

In 2008 the Lord raised an anointed messenger to serve his purpose for the United States. His name is Barack Obama – page 413, paragraph #2, lines 1- 6, Closer Walk With Jesus, by Yinka Vidal, published by Lara Publications, St. Louis, MO. 2010.

According to divine revelations, President Barack Obama is a man chosen by God for divine purpose.

Second: Anointed with God’s Spirit of Compassion

God has chosen President Obama and placed in him the Spirit of compassion to lead this nation as a staff of positive correction – page 413, paragraph #2, lines 7-9.

Third: President Obama Prevented the Nation from Economic Disaster

God sent President Obama to rescue the working class, and protect the nation from a total economic meltdown – page 413, paragraph #2, lines 21 – 22.

Fourth: He was to Slowdown Economic Predators

President Obama was determined to stop predatory capitalists by pushing back on the credit card scams, and extending healthcare insurance to the uninsured – page 413, paragraph #2, lines 26 – 29.

The first four prophetic messages were the reasons why President Obama fought very hard for the working class, and those that were suffering. Those issues will later shape his presidential legacy as a man with a heart of compassion for the ordinary people. President Obama’s relentless fight against the conservative Congress who wanted to add more wealth to the rich at the expense of the working was a spiritual assignment from above. He stood in opposition to the old school of balancing the budget on the backs of the poor while the rich people receive free economic ride. This was why President Obama was adamant in requesting the rich people to pay their share of taxes. This stand that President Obama took at the expense of losing the White House was not by another political ideology, it was by divine intervention from above. When President Obama stood very firm on his ground, the entire nation started to support him. On the election day of 2012, most of the people interviewed believed the rich should pay their fair share of taxes. God heard the weeping of the working class due to economic abuses by the rich and powerful. President Obama was the Moses God sent to relieve the sufferings of the working class from the abuses of predatory capitalists. This was an assignment from God on my prophetic timeline!

Fifth: God Assignment of Prayer for Candidate Barack Obama

In 2008 election campaign of Candidate Obama, I received a divine assignment to pray for President Obama. I knew Jesus was the one who issued the order as passed down through the spiritual frequency line of the Holy Spirit. At that time, I was not sure. In response to the request, I said, "How come you guys up there cannot pray for him? Why asking me down here on earth to pray for him?" The Holy Spirit gently recited Psalm 34:8 saying, "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and delivers them." Quickly, I accepted the assignment – page 414, paragraph #2, lines 1-9. The Holy Spirit further explained to me that the angels responsible for protection have been discharged already from the Heavenly realm. They were already in the earthly positions. I was told that my prayers would place them in proper positions around Candidate Obama for protection. I was not aware of these spiritual Beings until I felt their giant spiritual energy around me close to the Election Day of 2008. They were also giving me updates about the election results before the Election Day. I documented all these revelations in the book Closer Walk With Jesus published in 2010. However, this incident would also repeat itself in 2011 in preparation for the election of 2012.

Our God is a mysterious God. Who is to say that the events of the election of President Obama to office in 2008 would repeat themselves again around his re-election in 2012. I am writing the prophetic timeline, so people can follow how the mighty hand of God shapes events in the earthly realm. Understanding how God works looking at the timeline and the ways events took place over the years can accurately predict future events. That is why he said, "I am Alpha and Omega – the beginning and the end." God knows the end from the beginning. God does not live in the future; he lives in both past, present and the future at the same time. Prophecy has no meaning in Heaven before God. The earthly realm is the only place time is defined. The Book of Revelation is the best book to reveal the parallel world of God. Theologians are still arguing whether the book defines past, present or future events because the three times lines were revealed together. This creates confusion for us in the earthly realm because we are not used to seeing the events of three time dimensions together.

Sixth: Holy Spirit Hinted me about National Polls

In 2008, I was watching how the nation was reacting to Candidate Obama’s campaign by monitoring the presidential polls online from USA Today Newspaper. When I became a little nervous about two months prior to the election in 2008, the Holy Spirit hinted me that his polls would temporarily dip, and would come back up again. My reassurance came from Heaven! I was told never to worry myself. Regardless to this temporary dip, his polls would come back again, and he would win the election – page 414, paragraph #4, lines 1-4. Although this prophecy was given to me in 2008, about Candidate Obama, exactly the same event took place in 2012 prior to the Election Day. I will explain this when I discuss similar events of the 2012 election victory of President Obama.

Seventh: Vision of Election Victory of President Obama

On the morning of Election Day of 2008, I went down on my knees and started to pray for Candidate Obama. I was very nervous. I was wondering whether God was going to disappoint me or fulfill his promise. I started to hear about the Bradley effects in the media, and I got scared! As I was on my knees praying, the Lord revealed a vision of President Elect Obama at the Inaugural Ball. Heavens already started to celebrate President Obama’s election victory. On the morning of the election of 2008, the Lord revealed to me President Obama’s outfit for the Inaugural Ball – Page 415, paragraph #1, lines 8-12.

Eighth: God Revealed President Obama in a White Tuxedo

When the Lord reveled President Elect Obama in a white tuxedo in a vision, I was unaware when he would be wearing the outfit. I was of the opinion he would wear it for the inauguration. But, the vision I saw was the Inaugural Ball. The Holy Spirit revealed this to me in another miraculous way as documented in page 415, paragraph 3, lines 1-20.

Ninth: Jesus Sent me a Warning

Evidently, I was not taking all these events as supernatural messages from God. So, one day Jesus sent me a warning. I got scared! I was taking a nap one day, then I saw Ezekiel 3:17. I had no idea what was in that verse until I opened the Bible. The Lord asked me to issue his warning to the nation. This was not only a confirmation; it was the Lord’s reassurance that the Spirit of God was directly speaking to me. I was to take these messages very seriously – page 418, paragraph 1, lines 1-10.

Tenth: God’s Warning to the United States

As soon as I received a warning from the Lord from Ezekiel 3:17, I knew another important message would follow. This is how God tends to reveal himself to me. Initially, the small vision would precede the big one as a confirmation. Here is the warning. If people force the administration of President Obama’s effort to help the poor and the working class fail, America as a nation will enter a period of darkness and decline for many years. The messages was backed by Romans 1:24. God loves the United States without a doubt in my mind. If the nation refused to allow an anointed man of God like President Obama to fulfill his purpose, the entire nation will crash.

This particular vision fulfillment was the theme of the election of 2012 with both candidates. When President Obama’s opponent realized the desires to help the working class was working for President Obama in the polls, he changed his campaign slogan from helping the rich get richer to his concern about the working class. Many of the young ones were able to see through such insincerity of President Obama’s opponent. President Obama echoed God’s prophetic message by fighting hard for the working class and using the same message of God’s prophecy as the most important theme of his presidential campaign. Fighting for the working class was the theme that dominated the Democratic Convention of 2012, and President Obama’s campaign. This exact message of his campaign was one of the most important issues that led to his giant victory. It was by divine intervention from God!

Eleventh: Warning About the Coming Catastrophes

I hate to admit to the nation that we have bad days ahead. I believe President Obama’s election victory is a pushback to some painful days ahead. God is giving the United States opportunity to repent. Sins of the nation will not wreck the nation as persistent defiance of God. I hate to be the bearer of the bad news. There are many painful days ahead as a nation under judgment because we remain in defiance of God – page 419, paragraph #3, lines 1-5. I spent the entire chapter of this same book Closer Walk With Jesus to discuss the coming catastrophes to this nation – chapter 37, pages 395 – 400.

Twelfth: God’s Message of Comfort to Believers

While I was pondering over this catastrophes coming upon this nation, the Lord revealed to me that, "The righteous shall rise and shine like stars of Heaven." God revealed himself as a very patient God and also a God of judgment. However, he will protect the righteous from experiencing the hours of tribulation that will come upon the nation. This divine message was supported with St. John 10:27-28. God issued his warning again to the nation – page 420, paragraph 1, lines 1-10.

Thirteen: President Obama Fought Greed

God gave President Obama a mission to fight greed and help the working class and those that are suffering. He therefore put many programs in place to regain dignity for the working class after the Wall Street thieves did their numbers on the people stealing their money – page 422, paragraph #2, lines 11-16. The political conservatives turned the other way as the looters continue to rob people through many business scams, taking homes from the elders, credit card frauds and the evils continued. The conservatives’ idea of business is to legitimize stealing money from the people – that’s legitimate business folks! They opened the door, and allowed the hungry wolves of predatory and cannibalistic capitalists to steal people’s money. They had no shame! May God help us through this cognitive blindness!

The Lord said, "I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in Egypt, and have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters; for I know their sorrows. And I am come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians" (Exodus 3:7-8).

The same way God came to deliver the children of Israel from the hands of the Egyptians, the same way God sent President Obama to deliver the working class from the abusive hands of financial predators.

Fourteen: God Dismissed the Conservative Misinformation

At the end of this chapter #38, the Lord placed some Bible verses in me. I placed about six Bible verses in the last page of the chapter about God’s concern for the poor – page 423, the entire page discusses God’s dismay about letting the poor suffer. The original lie being told by the so-called political conservatives was that helping the poor would crash the economy of the nation. This was a lie from the heart of the devil! I stated in this last page that, no nation in the Bible, or in history crashed because they help the poor, or those that are suffering. However, greed has many times led to the fall of great nations. The Christian Right Wing lost their arms and legs when they refused to obey Jesus instructions to help the poor. They were attacking President Obama who was doing the very thing Jesus instructed Christians to do.

There is nothing that bothers me as much as seeing well-educated people with college degrees blinded by political hyper-emotionalism and unable to see let alone identify the truth from their political bias. How can they be so blinded? Is this because the devil has so much power over them? Jesus asked them to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, help the sick, and visit those in prison. The political conservatives supported by some Christian leaders claimed they do not care. They want the people to suffer so they can feel good about themselves. Yet, many of these Christian leaders are fooling themselves thinking they are going to Heaven. They have completely forgotten the story of Lazarus, the poor man who went to Heaven, and the rich man who went straight to hell. Boy, some people are in for a giant surprise after they die. I believe the harshest punishment would be dished out to preachers and Christian leaders who are hoarding money while many people in their churches are suffering. Without a doubt, some people would serve time in hell – just like people serve prison time on earth. Others may be condemned to eternal damnation in hell. Many are going to be so shocked about those Christians in line heading for the gates of hell. Jesus already gave us the instruction that the only way to ship your earthly wealth to Heaven is to give it away; not hoard it. If you are a preacher sitting on multi-million dollars bank account, while some people in your church are suffering, I greatly feel sorry for you. One day, either the money will be taken away from you, or you will be taken away from the money. You will be reduced down to nothing, just like the rich man in the Lazarus story.

Some Prophetic timeline of 2012 mirroring that of 2008 election

As I have mentioned earlier from the beginning of this article. There were some events that took place in 2008 that were the foreshadowing of the events that later took place in 2012 election regarding President Obama. I will use the rest of this article to discuss these parallel events so readers can see how God’s hands always move events for his purpose. The important question to ask is how did the Christian leaders miss these prophetic timelines? Were they quiet because they were afraid to be called liberals? Perhaps they were just blinded by the devil or their negative emotions. All those dancing on the television meant nothing if those who called themselves leaders refused to hear the Voice of God. I just wondered how many of them are listening to the Radio Station from Heaven where Jesus gives press releases. I have already done a study to prove this radio station exists. The question is, are the Christian leaders hearing the Voice of God, or they were hearing the voice of human spirits.

Fifteenth: Earthquake Warning of 2008

On page 402 of the book Closer Walk With Jesus, I discussed the meaning of the earthquake of 2008 as a warning from God. When I asked the question for the purpose of the earthquake, the Lord revealed to me Psalm 18:7. God was angry at the nation. This warning preceded the election of 2008. A similar natural event would be repeated prior to the 2012 election.

Similarly, the hurricane Sandy came to New York on October 29, about a week before the election, and did billions of dollars worth of damage. I did not correlate the incident with the election of 2012 until the Lord asked me to issue a press release that morning of October 29, 2012. I was asked to issue a warning to Christian leaders that if they dare to embrace apostasy, they will experienced the mighty hammer and crushing blows of God’s judgment. Click Press Release Link.

The Holy Spirit woke me up that early morning, and I released the press report. Immediately after I released that report, Hurricane Sandy touched down in New York tearing up the place. I did not have an idea that hurricane touched down in New York until in the evening when the national news was reporting the damage done.

Sixteen: The Arrival of Angelic Forces

About a month prior to the election of 2012, I perceived the arrival of angelic forces of Heaven. They took strategic positions in the earthly realm to be sure God’s purpose would be fulfilled. This was exactly similar to what they did in 2008. When a big event is about to happen on earth, God will dispatch his angelic forces to take positions on earth. When they arrived, I wrote an article and hinted that only one vote was going to count in election 2012. That was the vote cast by God himself. I was alluding to the fact that President Obama, an anointed man of God, and messenger of divine promise would win the election. I also documented this event in my book, Closer Work With Jesus published in 2010 in a section titled, President Obama, Selected by People, But Chosen by God, page # 412. If that is not another fulfillment of prophecy, I don’t know what is.

The Lord sent these warrior angels to prevent the devil’s interference of God’s purpose in the earthly realm. Similar event happens when a messenger is on the field in crisis situation. The Lord will dispatch his angels for God’s purpose. The same thing happened in the battle of Jericho when the commander in chief of the armed forces of Heaven appeared to Joshua. When Joshua saw the angel, he asked whose side was he on, their side or their adversaries. The angel said, "No, but as Commander of the army of the Lord I have now come" (Joshua 5:14). This is the only military force that has never lost a single battle in the history of man.

I have experienced these warrior angels in action many times during crisis situations. President Obama’s polls temporarily dipped in 2012 after the first debate, shortly before the election, and his opponent was reported to be leading. I started to wonder what those angelic forces were doing? Were these angels playing games or what? I knew they were in position, but what in the world was going on? I continue to monitor the actions of the angelic forces. However, I did not realize the dip in President Obama’s polls prior to the election was a giant fulfillment of prophecy of 2008 being replayed again in 2012. What the prophetic message from Heaven told me in 2008 about the dip in Candidate Obama’s polls happened exactly the same way in 2012 prior to the election. Nobody in the world can dispute the accuracy of that prophecy!

About a month prior to the election, I announced to my wife and friends that, "They have arrived!" I was asked who have arrived. I responded, "The angelic Beings for God’s purpose for this election." The first very prominent event the angelic forces did was to be sure almost all of the computer systems of President Obama to get out the voters were working in excellent condition about a month prior to the election. Workers on the fields were communicating with the command posts to get out the voters. Many were working the telephones, and emails were blasting through the social networks online. In 2008, I must have received about five telephone calls from Obama’s camp. In 2012 prior to the election, I received over 20 telephone calls in St. Louis from President Obama’s camps, the state Democratic camp, Washington DC Democratic command post, some organizations supporting President Obama, and President Obama himself called in a recorded message on the Election Day. When I started receiving these calls including about five visits of campaign workers to my door, I knew the old Democratic political machine had been re-ignited and was on the move.

While all these events were going on and supported by the angelic forces in favor of President Obama, the head of the angelic forces fired a divine missile and took out the computer machine of President Obama’s opponent. This is the best way to describe the divine event to earthly dwellers. All the campaign workers were in the fields as reported in the media. They could not communicate with the central command posts. They were like soldiers in the field who could not communicate their command posts, and in disarray on the battlefield. They did not realize what had happened was supernatural! Their get out to vote campaign on the Election Day was a colossal failure! The angelic forces also neutralized all the negative advertisements against President Obama. If people noticed, there were many negative advertisements against President Obama in traditional media. Those angelic forces rendered them useless. The advertisements did not even reach those younger voters and minorities who were going to place President Obama over the top. Deceiving spirits went into action. They have the camp of President Obama’s opponent believe in the false information that their candidate was leading. It was a deception! They fell for the misinformation and started celebrating their victory even before the Election Day. They had created a web page to celebrate their election victory. With great disappointment, they went down in defeat. Oh my God! That was the more reason why their defeat was so painful. The most embarrassing situation for Christians was when the angelic forces fired missiles, and took out the propaganda machines of the Christian Right Wing leaders through their Christian programs on the television. These were Christian leaders fighting against God’s will because they could not see through the Spirit realm of God. How are the mighty fallen when Christian propaganda machine crumbled, and exploded into a giant fireball? Over a billion dollars campaign money went up in smoke! Some blind-minded Christian programs were also airing a 30-minute propaganda campaign against President Obama. The angelic forces of Heaven neutralized all these efforts. Their propaganda campaign against President Obama was rendered useless. President Obama won the election in a landslide victory. Only God Almighty deserves the praise!

Seventeenth: Given Prayer Assignment for President Obama

In 2011 about a year prior to the election of 2012, the Lord gave me a prayer assignment for President Obama. I was to go and pray with him in the White House. I invited about 60 national Christian leaders. Most of them did not respond, and many of them who responded turned down my request. They gave me some excuses. One question the Holy Spirit placed in my heart during this time was, were these people serving God, or themselves? How could they have missed such a great opportunity supported by so many giant prophecies of God? Only two local preachers followed me to the prayer meeting. Considering the preachers who failed to respond to a call for prayers for President Obama, these preachers are no longer preachers. They have traded their position as preachers to being politicians from the pulpit. This is one of the major reasons why message from the pulpit is not changing the minds of those sitting in the pews. Celebrity preachers serve more of the roles of politicians, salesmen, or professional fundraisers than serve as preachers for God’s purpose.

Prior to going to the prayer meeting, I started to get scared. The entire project cost a lot of money and I had no sponsor. All the national Christian leaders walked away from me. I was on my way to Washington DC to pray for the President of the United States as requested by divine assignment from God. I was scared for a couple of reasons. My wife the only person accompanying me from St. Louis said she was not going. I looked for other people to go with me from St. Louis. No church responded out of 1000 invitations sent out to various churches in St. Louis. About 8,000 invitations were sent out including to churches in the Washington DC areas. I wondered if God was testing my faith, or playing tricks on me. A couple of weeks prior to leaving St. Louis and heading for Washington DC, I went to our church movie night. I heard a message from the Lord that evening which I kept to myself. The Lord said, "See the number of people attending the movie tonight, it will reflect the number of people attending the prayer meeting in Washington DC." I ignored the message. Later during the movie night, the message came back again. I was very troubled by that message because close to about 50 people came to the movie night. I was expecting more at the prayer meeting. I said to myself that the Holy Spirit was probably mistaken. A few days after this message, I received another message from the Lord. He said, "I will not do this prayer meeting your way. I will do it my way. I want you to follow my instructions." What could I have said to the Lord? I was not in a position to protest. I was only asked to be obedient. If Jesus decided he was going to do it his ways, who am I to question his decision.

My plan on my way to Washington DC continued. I knew I had to go this delicate journey alone like some other journeys the Lord sent me. I started to feel sadness. I hate to walk this journey alone. Where are you Lord, where are you because I am alone? This was one of the questions I was asking myself. I know the Lord would eventually reveal himself to me confirming that I could be alone in the physical, but in spirit, I was not alone. Shortly before I booked my fight ticket to Washington DC, my wife said she was going with me. That was one good news I needed. She was successful in getting permission from work. All the divine messages the Lord revealed to me about this prayer meeting in Washington DC for President Obama came true exactly the way they were revealed.

I was on a 21-day fast as I headed for Washington DC for the prayer meeting in obedience to the Lord. I had no idea what the Lord was going to do with the prayer meeting. He did wonders! On October 28, 2011 at Hylton Memorial Chapel in Woodbridge, VA near Washington DC, the prayer meeting took place for President Obama. I also included prayers for the entire Congress and the Judges. A dinner followed after the prayer meeting. This was similar to the event of 2008, when I received a divine message to pray for Candidate Obama. This time, I had to leave my location and traveled to Washington DC. After many conversations with the White House Scheduling office, the prayer timeline could not fit President Obama’s schedule. We went ahead and took the prayer meeting to Hylton Memorial Chapel. Again, I was greatly disappointed by the national Christian leaders who were playing politics with their ministry to serve God. This is another evidence to imply that many of these Christian leaders may not be walking in the Spirit of God. People can claim they are working for God and even see wonders when they are actually working to feed their own ego using Jesus as their tool. Today, we worship the idols of money, power and fame inside the church, and many Christians are oblivious to this. God is no longer the center of worship. He has been replaced with celebrities, money and mega preachers.

No matter how all the Christian leaders deserted me on my way to Washington DC to pray for President Obama, but God did not abandon me. Once I received my marching orders, from the CEO of Heaven, I went ahead to Washington DC to pray for President Barack Obama. I did not know then, that the prayer was the beginning of his re-election victory campaign. In hindsight, the prayer of October 28, 2011was a prelude to President Obama’s election victory of 2012. God works in mysterious ways!

Supernatural: Miraculous Events that Took Place

On October 28, 2011 the prayers for President Obama and the Congress took Place at Hylton Memorial Chapel, Woodbridge, VA.

On Tuesday November 1st, 2011 following the prayer meeting, the Congress passed a bill affirming the national motto: "In God We Trust" by 396-9 votes sponsored by Rep. Randy Forbes of Virginia.

On November 11, 2011, shots were fired into White House from Constitution Avenue between 15th and 17th street.

On November 16, 2011 Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, a 21-year old male was arrested as the suspect for firing the shots of 11/11 at the White House. He was said to have expressed hatred for Washington and the president.

Prophetic Significance of the Four Incidents

First: When I sent out the invitations to the Congressional representatives to attend the prayer meeting, I placed in the invitation a request that they should affirm the national motto, "In God We Trust." I placed the statement because I received a spiritual message to do so. I was unaware that a bill was pending in Congress regarding the affirmation of the national motto. I noticed that we received over 20 calls from different Congressional representatives supporting the prayer meeting. I did not know why we were receiving these calls, because they were not coming. However, I did not realize that the request on the invitation re-ignited the pending bill and it passed by a large margin. It was as if the invitation was a campaign for the pending bill. But, I was unaware of the bill until I received a message that the bill was passed a couple of days after the prayer meeting.

Second: The shots fired into the White House on November 11, was exactly fourteen days after the prayer meeting for President Obama for protection at the Hylton Memorial Chapel on Friday October 28, 2011. In the middle of the prayer which I led myself, the Holy Spirit hinted me and placed in my heart to pray for President Obama’s safety and that of his family. This was similar to the message I received during his 2008 election campaign. I followed this divine instruction and prayed for his safety not realizing that about two weeks later shots were going to be fired into the White House. The prayer meeting was video tapped, serving as a confirmation of the accuracy of these supernatural events.

Eighteenth: President Obama Plays Nehemiah

In the Old Testament, the people went and complained to Nehemiah who was in charge of rebuilding the protective Walls of Jerusalem after the children of Israel’s Babylonian exile. They had mortgaged their houses with high interest to pay the king’s taxes. The noble men, rulers and the bankers from whom they borrowed the money were charging usury – excessive interests.

To the lenders Nehemiah said, "Restore now to them, even this day, their lands, their vineyards, their olive groves, and their houses, also a hundredth of the money and the grain, the new wine and the oil, that you have charged them" (Nehemiah 5:11).

The lenders responded and said, "We will restore it and will require nothing from them; we will do as you say" (Nehemiah 5:12).

Following this agreement, Nehemiah asked them to seal the deal with an oath.

"Then I called the priests and require an oath from them that they would do according to this promise" (Nehemiah 5:12b).

What Nehemiah did during his time was similar to what President Obama is trying to do by helping the poor and the working class from continuous scams by the lenders. These lenders are maliciously stealing people’s houses and crashing them into foreclosure. By doing this, President Obama is fulfilling one of the most important prophecies about him – caring for those that are being abused by predatory lending just like Nehemiah did during his time. What happened to the Christian leaders dancing on the television or radio while bulging their eyes at people to justify their own greed with their prosperity gospel?

When you evaluate the role of Christian leaders fighting President Obama’s public policies, they are the ones supporting those that are taking economic advantage of the people. President Obama is the one doing what Jesus expected the church leaders to do. The people to be fighting the Wall Streets and predatory lenders should be the church. How can the church fight for the people like Nehemiah did while some preachers are busy milking the flocks, giving nothing back in return? If a church is going to survive in any community, that church must operate relevant to the needs of the people. Today, we have big names on radio and television programs preaching what they call the gospel contaminated with personal opinions and political ideologies. When they see their fellow church members suffering or victimized, the church leaders do nothing. I applaud many of the churches that are helping their members to recover their homes from predatory lenders. The rest of them need to be ashamed of themselves!

It makes no difference how much money you made from the ministry selling books, video, or from making movies, etc., one day the Lord is going to ask you your motive. If you have members in your church that are suffering and as a pastor you are sitting on multi-million dollars, you are as guilty as the rich man in Jesus story of Lazarus and the rich man. Remember what happened to the rich man after he died. He did not go to hell because he was rich. He went to hell because he ignored the suffering beggar in front of his house. If you are a preacher sitting on multi-million dollars worth of assets and bank accounts, and some members of your church are suffering, ask yourself if the story of Lazarus and the rich man applies to you. If you cannot see the similarities, you may be heading to an unpleasant place after your departure from this world. That place may not be as pleasant as you think.

Nineteenth: Prophet Jeremiah’s Mantle Confirmed

When God appeared to me in North Carolina in 2005, he told me he gave me the mantle of Prophet Jeremiah. He said, "Get up from your knees, and go read about yourself in the book of Jeremiah." I want to make a point clear. I’m not Prophet Jeremiah, but there is a relevance of his mission to my life’s journey based on the same mantle God gave me. Despite all my appeals to Christian leaders, they refused to listen to God’s messages through me. Wasn’t this exactly what happened to Jeremiah? Those powerful people working with the king governing the people refused to listen to him. Guess what? Because they rejected Prophet Jeremiah’s message, it did not change the course of prophecy handed down by God to the people. Just like the religious leaders of the time of Jeremiah listened to the false prophecy of false prophets, the Christian conservatives listened to the false prophecy of false prophets. Their plot crumbled. Their political candidate went down in defeat!

Jesus faced the same problem with the religious leaders of his time. The Problem President Obama is having with the Christian leaders was similar to the problem Jesus had with the religious leaders of his time. Those religious leaders were busy finger-pointing sinners. Jesus told them, he came to rescue sinners. Similarly, the Christian leaders today are busy finger-pointing sinners. How can we rescue people from the life of sins when we hit them with our personal judgment of condemnation and damnation? Jesus asked us to share the gospel message with them. Many times we are blinded by our self-righteousness and hypocrisy, and we ended missing a very important prophetic message from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Twentieth: Confirms President Obama’s Anointing

On June 27, 2010, I dated in my Bible when I received a message for President Obama of Isaiah 53:1-2.

"Who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed? For he grew up before him as a tender plant" (Isaiah 53: 1-2).

Initially, I did not understand these verses relevance to President Obama. This particular verses were talking about Jesus, not anybody else. Later, Holy Spirit helped me to have a better understand of these verses. Originally, they were in reference to the pre-incarnate Jesus, they were also revealed to confirm that President Obama was an anointed man of God sent on a special mission to serve God’s purpose just like any other messenger.

Twenty-first: Why Christian Leaders Failed to Recognize President Obama’s Anointing

Finally, I’m sure many people are asking the question right now why so many Christian leaders failed to recognize the anointing God placed on President Obama. Instead of working with him, they walked away from him to embrace apostasy. It is very painful to watch how many of the Christian leaders supported a candidate that went down in defeat this 2012 presidential election. Here are four points to consider.

First: The issue of lack of recognition of a messenger has nothing to do with the messenger, and more to do with the person unable to recognize the anointing of God. People who walk in the Spirit of God are easily able to recognize another person’s anointing. I cannot remember how many times when people stopped me and said they were receiving some spiritual energy from me. Immediately, I would tell them that the radiance of that energy from the Holy Spirit belongs to God. If your life is deep in the flesh, angels will fly pass you daily and you are unable to recognize them. If you learn to walk in the Spirit of God, these angelic beings will surround you. They will continue to influence your daily activities especially when you are under the cloud of divine visitation from the Lord Jesus himself.

For example, when the President goes to visit a particular place, from being member of the press, we are always in position prior to the President’s arrival, sometimes waiting for hours. Similarly the security team is also at the location. In the same manner these angelic forces will take positions prior to the arrival of the Lord Jesus himself. In the past, I tend to get angry when those angelic forces hit me upside the head, not realizing I was either in preparation for a visit or under the cloud of the visit of the Divine. One of the things I hated about such visit is the lack of personal preparation or being warned ahead. Like God went to visit Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, sometimes Jesus makes unannounced visit to messengers on the mission field. You better be at you best behavior and not be drinking, partying or beating up on fellow servants while on the mission field.

Second: Many people in the ministry including preachers of mega churches believe that because they have power, they also have divine authorization. Some preachers walked away from God and continue to use their power for their own personal glory instead of for God’s. Receiving power is one thing and receiving authority to use the power for specific purpose is another. When they lose spiritual connection, they also lose their authority. They stop hearing the Voice of God to instruct them. Then, the preachers start relying on human emotions and knowledge while echoing other preachers to respond to events around them. Instead of being more spiritual in the Lord, they become more cognitive while driven by human desires. Once preachers lose their spiritual connection to the Lord, the spiritual connection line or frequency disappears. They tend to lose their authority. They replace God spirituality with theatrical performance before both the television and radio audience. The result is the hyper-emotionalized preaching causing members to rise from the pews and flying in the air with tears running down their faces while doing the Holy ghost dancing. After all the screaming, knocking over pews, rolling on the floor, and running down the aisle, the members go home empty and sometimes knock into depression afterwards. This happens because the hyper-emotionalism fails to ignite a spiritual experience the members want so badly. If the members were led to the presence of God and experience authentic spiritual experience, they will surely experience the ignition fire of the Holy Spirit in their souls and they will never leave the church empty.

About a month before the election of 2012, I stopped listening to the main media feed because some of them were giving me contradictory information compared to what I was hearing from the radio station from Heaven. When a preacher said he or she has not heard the Voice of God in years, it tells you that preacher has lost the authority from the Lord. I hear the Voice of God or receive divine messages daily instructing me to serve God’s purpose. When messengers lose their authority they make Jesus less relevant in their ministry while their own ministry programs become bigger than God. They compensate their loss of hearing the Voice of God with many more ministry programs the Lord never ordained. Once a messenger does this, the preacher stops hearing the Voice of God. People may think God turned off the radio signal. I disagree with that concept. I believe people tend to turn off the radio signal of the Holy Spirit, by tuning to the frequency of the world, other people, the flesh, or the human spirit. To such Christian leaders, they are still serving God, but they are not. They are only serving their own human desires massaging their egos and polishing their celebrity image. This is very common with preachers who still have their anointing, but have gone astray and lost their authority and their closer relationship with Jesus. Those preachers have lost direction it does not matter if one billion people attend the church. They will face judgment according to Jesus in St. Matthew 7:21-23.

Third: There is nothing that can cause a messenger to lose authority than the critical spirit. Christian leaders have always been very critical about sinners through their self-righteousness, condemnation, and damnation. I need to make this point very clear that you do not condone sin because your son or daughter is living an ungodly lifestyle. I do not care how popular such a lifestyle is today. You can still love your son, or daughter and hate the sin. This does not mean you get involve with such a lifestyle by going to programs, or events to encourage such behavior thereby accepting the perverted lifestyle no matter what society says. If your children are living in sin and you condone such behavior, God has the right to judge you and dish out punishment with crushing blows. Because you know better! He did exactly the same thing with Prophet Eli when he refused to correct his children.

Having said that, it does not mean you go on the rampage like most of us Christians do pointing accusing fingers at sinners and asking them to stay away from the church. Jesus asked us to preach to sinners. The Christian leaders today made themselves the moral police officers for Christ. They will ignore their own failures and sins while they go seeking to drag other people’s skeletons out of the closet into the open. They will say, "This is what we stand for!" Jesus did not ask you to stand for anything other than to preach the gospel to all people. Once you deliver the message, let the Holy Spirit do the rest of the spiritual surgical operations in the hearts of men. You do not have to hit them upside the head like we do with the Bible. Jesus did not ask us to be the moral police officer! People operating under the power of critical spirits eventually will lose their authority and relationship with God. This happens because some preachers placed themselves on the throne as God, instead of letting the Lord reign.

Fourth: Another reason why the Christian leaders failed to recognize President Obama’s anointing is because of anger. Anger prevented Christian leaders from wanting to pray for President Obama. It is very hard to pray for a person you are angry with. The best test of whether you are still angry with a person is to ask yourself whether you can pray to God to bless the person. When prayer meeting was called in the White House for President Obama in October 2011, one of the critical issues was the request to God in a prayer of petition. The primary point was for both the executive and the legislative branches of the government to work effectively together. The Tea Party that later became the Wrecking Party with a group of inexperienced politicians refused to move from their egocentric and self-serving political position. They did a lot of damage to the governing process. Immediately after the election defeat of the Right Wing in 2012, there was an urgency for them to work and resolve the problem of the "fiscal Cliff" so the nation would not plunge into another economic crisis.

What could have happened if the Christian leaders had answered the divine call to pray for President Obama and the entire Congress? Close to about 20 Congressional representatives responded to the prayer invitations through phone calls and emails. They acknowledged the prayer meeting, but they were unable to attend. Even President Obama from the White House responded through an email message to the prayer meeting group. The Christian leaders who are supposed to be the guardian of the ministry of Christ through prayers refused to respond to a call for prayer. Yet, immediately after the election, instead of looking for ways to bring politicians together and work for the people, they started shooting their mouths at the President again! Many of the younger generations are beginning to tune Christian preachers out. This is one of the critical reasons why the pulpit messages are not shaping lives; they are falling on deaf ears. There is a great disparity between what the preachers are saying and the public policies they support. They do not support the public policies of Jesus!

Even if President Obama made a mistake in some of his public policies, the critical mistakes by some Christian leaders, made it almost impossible for him to reevaluate his position. I disagree with him on some issues myself particularly those that are contrary to the teachings of the Bible. I’m vehemently opposed to two men or two women marrying. This was not the marriage God ordained! However, I believe President Obama has a right to his opinion. I also accepted him as an anointed man of God given assignments for more important issues relating to the United States and the entire world than being stuck with some domestic social issues.

King David was a man of God. After his indiscretion with another man’s wife, he still remained a man after God’s heart even till today. I have a question for these Christian leaders. I know they have some disagreements with President Obama’s public policies regarding gays and abortion. They believe he was doing things against the will of God. Why did most of them refuse to go pray for him when the Lord gave the assignment to call them to pray for him? Even Jesus ate with sinners. Jesus visited the house of Zacchaeus. He was never deterred to make friends with Mary Magdalene, or those that were considered sinners. Think about Jesus story about two men who went into the temple to pray. What did Jesus say about the one bragging about his ministry while pointing accusing finger at another person supposed to be a sinner? (St. Luke 18:10). This Jesus’ story pointed directly at the judgmental attitudes of many of us Christians while condemning others, and sitting on the sewer of immorality.

The situation with President Obama and the Christian leaders echoes the dangerous veil of hypocrisy that blinds some Christians from seeing the truth about themselves. They persecute others for the very issue they are secretly struggling with. I do not disagree with their opposition to same sex marriage and abortion. But, why do they have to resort to the tactics of the devil using propaganda journalism and lies to defame the President? Satan is known to be the accuser of the brethren! Personally, I believe the victory of President Obama again in 2012 is a wake up call for Christian leaders and a prophetic message for them to see where they have lost directions in preaching the messages of Christ. Look at the flamboyant lifestyles of many preachers today. Is this what Jesus asked them to do? How can you preach the homeless Jesus from a private jet when your church members are suffering? Think about it this way. The Christian leaders have lost the Lord’s message from the pulpit. They have lost the gospel discussion in the public arena. They have also lost their power position in politics. The true solution is for them to see where they went wrong inside the church. It is very easy to point accusing fingers at others when you have lost directions to serve the Lord. Just blame it on somebody else folks! The truth is very bitter. It’s better said right now perhaps some preachers can repent before the Day of Judgment comes. Good Lord, I hope so!

Every message about President Obama came true. To those skeptical minds that are blinded by hyper-emotionalism and politics, two events may be co-incidental. But, how can over 21 prophetic messages be co-incidental if not coming from the heart of God? This is why I have outlined them one by one. There are more prophetic messages that came true. I believe twenty-one should be enough for now. If you are a preacher and unable to see or perceive the fulfillment of God’s prophetic messages in this article, you need to get off the pulpit and find another job! If you can see the truth of God, repent for the kingdom of God is at hand!

Jesus said, "The Holy Spirit will testify of me" (St. John 15: 26). If a messenger is walking in the Spirit of God, identifying divine messages from God should not be as difficult. However, when we shut down the communication frequency line of the Holy Spirit, we become oblivious to the divine messages of the Lord. We get angry like a blind man who lost direction. We ended up being led by the flesh. Are we able to see the truth through the window of human conscience? How can your message from the pulpit change people in the pews when the same message cannot change you? It’s time for soul-searching folks!

By Yinka Vidal, author, Closer Walk With Jesus.

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