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November 5, 2012

Omen of Evil: The Dark Night Rises

In the 1970s, we lied to ourselves that violence in entertainment has nothing to do with children’s violent behavior. We fool ourselves to believe in falsehood. As a result the Hollywood industry continues to bake movies like apple pie, driven with violence, sexual perversion, demonism, and all kinds dark entertainments. We ate them up! Today we see the results of the lies we have been telling each other over the past 40 years. Our society is as violent as ever, Satanism is on the rise, sexual perversions are being normalized, and the omen of evil is beginning to grab the nation and shape the culture. Regardless to what anybody may be saying, as a nation, we are definitely on a coalition with disaster!

Who should we blame? I do not believe we should blame the makers of the movies. You have a choice to eat, or not to eat poison placed before you on a dinner plate. The people who filled the theatres to see such movies share the greatest blame. Personally, I do not like watching movies without Biblical lesson or message. People who entertain themselves with such horror movies are directly responsible for the crises situation of violence in our streets today. If you are looking for answers, look into the mirror. If we stop watching such movies, Hollywood will stop producing them.

Just imagine the simple principle of computer operation we call, "garbage in garbage out." If you feed a person’s soul with trash, you can expect trash products from that person. Just like Jesus said, "A good tree produces good fruit, and a bad tree produces bad fruit." As long as we continue to feed people with perversion as entertainment, and people are ready to eat it up like tasteful dinners served at restaurants, the result always end up in tragedy. Why are we surprised?

We Love to Lie to Ourselves

Part of our major social problem in the U.S, is that we are a nation that loves to lie to ourselves for the sake of making money. Years ago, some children who were listening to some hard rock music were found dead. We refuse to correlate the darkness of the music with the death of these teenagers. Lies have a way of preventing people from seeing the truth. If we continue with these lies, we will never face the truth about the damaging effects of dark entertainments. The same way dark entertainments are destroying the minds of the young ones; is the same way guns are readily available as the primary instrument of choice for violence. The same people who professed to be Christians are the ones responsible and promoting the merchants of death flooding the nation with machine guns under the pretense of the right to bear arms. Bible in one hand and gun on the other! Cheers! How many guns do you need to kill a rabbit, or a deer? Sadly, innocent people are now paying the price.

On Friday July 20, 2012, James Eagan Holmes, a gunman appeared at the movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado during the showing of the new Batman movie named "The Dark Night Rising," killing a dozen people and wounding 59 people. He had about four guns in his possession and he was dressed to kill. He identified himself as the Joker, one of the characters in the Batman movie.

On Sunday August 5, 2012 Michael Wade, a 40 year-old man, a lone gunman shot and killed six people and then killed himself at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. He was said to have had a criminal record and also involved in a white supremacy movement. In spite of his criminal records, he was still able to buy a 9-millimeter handgun at a local gun store of which gun he used to open fire and killed so many innocent people on Sunday.

Anatomy of Evil

In the Garden of Eden, Satan played tricks and took dominion of this earth from both Adam and Eve. After so many years and seeing the diabolic cruelty that the devil has led people to do over the years, many people today are still cheering him. You cannot embrace evil and do not expect evil to become of you. Violence in entertainment is more than just the desensitization of evil; it also leads to the demonic seduction of human soul. People tend to look at what happens to people in the physical, but they do not realize what happens in the spirit realm to people who loved to be entertained with violence, perversions, and toxic rhetoric.

When we get involved with perverted entertainments, they affect more than our perception, they also affect our human spirit and the energy around us. Everyday, we walk in the realm of energies created by the spirit that drives us. We spend more time concerned about the human emotional reactions, not realizing the source of the energy that sustains negative behavior. If you block the source of the energy, behavior correction can easily be attained. Negative spirits carry negative energy, and positive spirits carry positive energy. If we open the door to negative spirit to come closer to us, the negative spirit is attached to human soul. The resultant behavior is the manifestations of evil. We therefore open the door to be seduced by negative spirits when we party with perverted entertainments.

How does this happen? The more we entertain dark entertainments, the more we derive pleasure from the dark energy coming out from such entertainments. Dark energy is the energy of demons. As time goes on, the energy around us start to be altered from positive to negative. At the height of being surrounded by high level of negative spiritual energy, demonic spirit is attracted and attached to the place of negative energy. Once the demonic spirit comes around a person, it becomes attached to the human spirit-soul complex. From the attachment position the demonic spirit start to control the human mind and perception with loss of reality. An omen of evil is manifested and evil action results as goaded by the devil. Sadly, people are not aware of the mind-altering power of dark entertainments caused by demonic spirits.

The perversion that was ignited by the devil in the Garden of Eden was the love affair with evil. When the seduction took placed, both the man and the woman got hooked. After thousands of years, we are still struggling to break off from this satanic seduction. Some people have decided to stop fighting such desires and start embracing illicit pleasures. Today, most of the blood and guts entertainment of vampires, True Blood TV shows, the Harry Potter, and sadistic sex entertainments tend to serve as cheerleaders for the devil. As long as we continue to entertain our souls with such demonic pleasures, pathological behaviors will continue to manifest in people.

I was not surprised about the Colorado shooting in the theatre showing a very dark movie. We already set the stage for such a thing to happen because we love to embrace and be entertained ourselves with dark pleasures. Have you ever heard a saying among young people today that, "If you’re going to be convicted, why not enjoy the crime?" One person who had been watching the Batman movie over the years indicated it appeared the movie series had been attacked with sinister power and the omen of evil based on the increase darkness and violence introduced into the movies. Perhaps people who enjoy such entertainments are being seduced by evil without realizing the powerful effects of such movies.

Personal Identity Crisis in the Nation

When you approach anybody today, after telling you their names, the next thing they start talking about is what they do. On a careful observation of the person, it becomes obvious that the person picks identity based on job or work performance. Many people tend to define themselves by their professions to impress others. In reality, the image they display is not who they are. The real person in many cases has nothing to do with their jobs or how they make money, or the pleasure they entertain.

Take for example a person who met a prostitute in Nevada for her service. About five years later she saw the same woman married to a physician who did not know she used to be a prostitute. The woman needed money at a point in her life. Although it was immoral, she went to Nevada to make fast money until she was able to resolve her financial crisis and later turned her life around. The man who saw her years later was still thinking of her as a prostitute who served him years ago. The point being, you cannot define a person by what they do and refused to know the real person inside the body. Many times, we tend to judge a person by their physical appearance while oblivious to the real person wearing that body. Consequently, people today suffer from identity crisis because we put up a fictitious image of who we are and confuse the heck out of many people. We do not realize that the real person is hiding behind the fašade of the fictitious banner we display for society. This is part of the problem with performing artists. The person on the stage or in the movie is not who they are, but the image they tend to play as entertainers. The problem comes when young people lose their personal identity of whom they are. Subsequently, they pick up identities defined by fictitious images in entertainment because they want to be popular. Sometimes they pick up the wrong identify thereby opening the door to be clothed by demonic spirits.

Demonic Deception of Identity Change

When Jesus first met Peter, he changed his name. Jesus told Peter he would no longer be catching fish; he would be catching people. Jesus changed Peter’s identity based on the mission he placed before Peter as the head of the disciples. Similarly, the devil is a counterfeiter. When the devil enters a person, he changes the person’s identity by deception, and impregnation with false information. This was exactly what the devil did in the Garden of Eden. He is still up to the same old tricks today with disinformation. Sadly, many educated people, or popular celebrities have accepted the lies of the devil, while walking away from the truth of Jesus. Throughout the Bible when the devil took over a person, he would shut the person up, then the devil would be using the person’s voice to speak. That was why many times Jesus would not let the devil speak. He is a liar! Consequently, when people take up and clothe themselves with the identity of a satanic image in entertainment, what do they expect? We feed our children with poison in entertainment, and then we are shocked when we see the demonic fruit manifestations in those children.

In James Holmes’ case that stunned the nation after he shot and killed a dozed people and injured 58 people on Friday July 20, 2012 at the movie theatre showing the Batman movie, The Dark Night Rises, represents a case of identity confusion very common today among teenagers. Although many will not carry their identity confusion to the level Homes did, but this sickness is very common in our society. People define us by the celebrity image we carry on our names. I remember years ago, a couple of young teenagers waited for their parents to come home, they shot both their father and mother to death. They then left a message they wanted to be in the movies. We are a society very obsessed with celebrity image. This is why the cost of entertainment is rising daily. Many of the major news media have degenerated to tabloid journalism since the O.J Simpson’s trial. Celebrity news is now more common and more important on national evening news about the movie star who is getting divorcing, getting married, or beating the spouse upside the head, than telling us the real news. An x-rated star in the U.S. with grossly sexual videos on the Internet is now declared by one of the national talk show hosts as part of the American royal family. We become more of a very voyeuristic society. If you feed and serve poison, it will eventually kill you and your family! We are now paying a high cost for this problem we have created. People want to be perceived differently from who they are. They therefore take up an identity not realizing the identity they have taken may be driven by the desires of the devil. The social media has also opened the door for such image creation different from the real person. We all strive to put up these fictitious images so we can be popular. The social media reveals the depth of the sickness of identity crisis in the nation.

When James Holmes pick the identity of the Joker in the Batman movie was he aware of the possible demonic influence that would take possession of him? Do we realize the implications of taking up the image drenched in blood? Why do people dress their children with the outfit displaying the picture of skulls? Do they realize they are condemning that child to death before the child can grow up? Do people know the implications of the symbols they embrace? When we choose to pick an identity that is foreign, perhaps we need to think twice about the implications of those identities even if they come from movies.

God Named and Identified His Son

When Jesus was born, the angels announced his birth with the glory of God revealing a Savior was born. When John the Baptist baptized Jesus in river Jordan, Heavens opened up, and God the Father identified his Son. On the Mount of Transfiguration shortly before Jesus went to the cross, God embraced his son and also declared him to the world as he had done on many other situations. When we have nobody to tell us who we are, we pick up the wrong identity, even demonic identity. Parents have the responsibility to name their children and help them to understand their personal identities. If the parents failed in this obligation, the teenager may take up a name that may eventually attract demonic activities. Parents should name their children and reveal their identity before society does. The role model starts at home, not from the movie theatre. Most teenagers who tend to be violent towards society may be intelligent even better than an average, but may be emotional immature and confused.

Individual’s Responsibility

Perhaps some people may enjoy dark entertainment to some degree with little or no harmful effects. Some people may be affected with persistent dark entertainments. Each individual person should be responsible. Learn to set a limit on how much of this entertainment you subject your soul. I’m sorry for those who watch such dark entertainment continuously. However, parents have the obligation to protect their children from being served poison called entertainments. Try sharing the love letter of God the Father through the Bible with your children before they become another casualties of demonic seduction. No matter how good poison tastes initially; it will eventually cause great harm.

Jesus has the answer saying,

"I am the way the truth and the life, nobody comes to the father but through me" (St John 14:6).

"The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but I have come, so they can have life more abundantly" (John 10:10).

Learn to make a wise choice! The devil is a liar!

by Yinka Vidal, author, Closer Walk With Jesus

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