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October 29, 2012

Recruiting Tools of the Devil

For many years, I have been wondering why the devil has so much power to influence people. What is going on in the human mind that makes us so vulnerable? Although we read about a serial killer, and the devastations to society, however, we may not realize the devil is using the same tools on others in a subtle way without those people being aware. For example, how can a well educated person who grew up from a Christians home one day suddenly chooses to denounce Christianity to embrace other ungodly religions? What went wrong when we replace the truth of God with the lies of the devil? Satan uses tricks to play with people’s minds and even the most famous celebrity remains at his mercy. These celebrities want to be popular; they therefore sell their souls to the devil. I’m going to be using this article to discuss about the tricks of the devil so you will not be caught in his web of his lies.

Never say you do not know that the devil is a trickster. As a Christian, watch out so the enemy will not place you in a trick bag. Many people are currently under his bondage. The devil has a grip on their souls and they do not even know it. They think their brain is rational while the seduction of the devil has changed their cognitive perceptions. Sadly today, Satan has many followers. They are the people who have volunteered to serve him, and others who are being deceived. If you are a Christian, you will always fly the flag of Christ everywhere you go. If you don’t, then become a cheerleader for Christ everyday. Remember what Jesus said, "We shall know them by their fruits" (St. Matthew 7:16). What is your fruit? Are you a fruit bearer for Christ, or a fruit bearer for the devil? Here are some of the tools Satan uses to seduce people. Do not be a victim!

Deception: The first tool the devil used in the Garden of Eden was disinformation. Adam and Eve fell for the scam of the devil like the scam artists on the Wall Street today. His intention was to steal dominium from them. Scam artists primary interest is to steal your money under the pretense of helping you out. Like many scam artists the devil was successful in the Garden of Eden! Today, we all have to suffer. Every man born of a woman is born in sin because the devil has contaminated the human soul at the level of his desires. The devil therefore loves to deceive people through false information. Why should a well-educated celebrity be denouncing Jesus to embrace Buddha? What went wrong in the human brain that allows for such deception? I heard one well-known talk show hosts saying, "How can people who have never heard of Jesus go to Heaven?" Perhaps many people have asked the same question. The question is irrelevant because we are not God, neither are we Holy Ghost junior. If you want to play God, you can start to ask such ridiculous question about how will the sun rise 1000 years from today? Is it your business? Remember, we have a landlord on this earth. Let him worry about that! God who created the earth and the people know how to run his business. God runs his operations! I do not need to help him. All he asks each person to do is to use the platform placed before each person for the betterment of human conditions. Just because you are rich and popular does not give you the right to play God. Jesus gave us the assignment to spread the gospel messages, and put the devil to shame.

It is amazing the same people asking this question are the ones polluting the gospel of Christ through syncretism. Whether the gospel is going to reach some remote village in China, Russia, or some African villages in the responsibility of God, not mine! Get it folks! God has been doing his work before you arrive on this earth. He will continue to do his work after you are gone if the rapture does not take us out of here first. People need to realize that man is not the only person preaching the gospel messages of Christ. If you walk in the Spirit of God, you will know that both angels and the Holy Spirit are busy evangelizing people. Angels and the Holy Spirit are presently preaching the gospel messages and leading people to Christ. There are people who have never heard the gospel message before. Yet, they received divine visitations from the Lord Jesus Christ revealing himself to them. Presently in the Middle East, Jesus is being reported to appearing to many people. They call him the "Man in the light." Jesus has appeared to many Muslims and all these people have secretly converted to Christianity. There was documentation in Nigeria where people were worshipping idols, and the Spirit of Jesus appeared. He spoke and gave them an oracle through the shrine. The Spirit predicted the birth of a person who later became the head of a giant church. That church has been spreading throughout other African nations. Those churches have spread across Europe called the "Cherubim and the Seraphim Church of Christ." Many of these churches are emerging all over the U.S. They are strictly known for spiritual worship of God while removing all distraction to connect to the Spirit of God during worship. Do not underestimate what God can do. Your minute brain can never decipher the mystery of God. Stop trying to figure God out folks!

Pride: Pride is about the love of one’s self, and nobody else matters. People will place themselves on the throne and push Jesus Christ aside. Many people who walk away from God are under the control of the arrogance and pride of the devil. To them, pride makes them feel good about themselves. Everything they do is always about them, and the way they look to society. They put up this fictitious image for society to receive cheers from those they are deceiving. While riding on the horse of arrogance and egocentrism, they have lost their humanity. These are celebrities who want the world to worship them because they are so great. The news media also placed them on a high horse. Sadly, many very popular people use their platforms God placed before them for selfish reasons. Pride is what caused the devil to fall. We must realize that this world is not about us. As long as you refuse to realize that your presence on earth is to glorify God and not yourself, you open yourself to the deceptions of the devil.

Hunger for Romantic Love: People in search for love in the physical who are unable to find it eventually allow such hunger to lead them to a life of perversion. Such people have over-rated the value of romantic love over spiritual love of Christ. They do not understand spiritual love. They replace their hunger for love with perversion including dabbling into many questionable practices of the occult. Romantic love is not true love. Everybody needs somebody. We are all designed for relationships. However, be careful for the relationship feeding your ego. Are you into illicit relationship because you are so hungry for romance, and you forgot about the spiritual love of Christ?

Hunger for Spiritual Love: When God created man; he created a void only he could fill. Put anything inside that void, it will not work. The greatest fulfilling of human spiritual hunger can only be made possible through God. The spiritual love of God through Christ is the only way to fill the void within. So many people in the world are in search for romantic love to fill the void for God. It will not work. Romantic love has its place in starting a relationship between two people; a man and a woman. But romantic love is so limited because it is based primarily on selfishness. Why sleep with a person now and less than 24 hours blast the same person away with a shotgun. What kind of love is that? Everybody has a spiritual hunger; let Jesus fills your hunger for love.

Deception through hyper-emotionalism: The best way to get people’s attention is to stir them up. Look for an area of discontent in their lives, and blame it on somebody else. This is the tool most politicians and journalists use. Our intention is to get people to react by stirring and taking advantage of their discontent. We write to fire people up so we can get some responses! The worst offenders are the radio talk shows, many of which are designed to spread political propaganda to stir people up. Have you ever heard this slogan many times that, "Washington is the problem!" If you believe that statement is true, you are either uninformed, a fool, or you have been deceived, or perhaps lost your mind. There is a big difference between political talk and reality. How many times have we changed people in Washington? Has it done any good based on your expectations?

People in the airways know the right buttons to press inside human emotions. Without thinking, many are goaded to respond firing things up. If you want to know how Washington is so good, go to other developing countries and see how the system works for the people. You will come back to embrace Washington. If you experience how the law enforcement does not work in some countries to protect the people, or simple public services do not work well, you will come back to kiss all your Washington representatives. Yes, we have problems, but don’t demonize them just because they are not perfect. Problems can be identified and be rectified, however do not throw a baby out with the bathwater.

The devil manipulates people emotions by stirring the pot of emotional discontent to lead people to do bad things. If you have any sense at all, why should you believe and even react to the garbage people are telling you without confirmation? Sadly, when man’s brain is under the assault of adrenaline, the brain starts to malfunction. Under hyper-emotional situation, the cognitive part of the brain starts to malfunction. This is a well-known phenomenon in neuro-Chemistry. People have done things under hyper-emotions that they later regretted them. Many violent activities within the family are committed at the height of anger. They later regret it. However, it is too late. You respond to such hyper-emotionalized situation because it is your fault by allowing people to push your emotional buttons. Stop reacting to fired up rhetoric causing you to react and even in some situations voting against your own interest. The devil loves to ride on the wheels of your negative emotions because you allow him. Don’t blame anybody but yourself. If you are listening to radio programs feeding you with garbage, blame yourself. Why should you allow radio or television talk show hosts to think for you? Internet is a good source of information. You have no excuse to believe in lies. Use your head and analyze every information being presented to you before you react! You are not a piece of machine. You are a human being capable of making rational decision. Think about people who manipulate your emotions laughing behind your back for their own political and financial gains! The devil uses the same trick!

Change of Identity: One of the most common aspects and tricks of the devil is the change in the identity of anybody he possesses. Once people are possessed or under the control of the devil, he goes into perception alteration, and replaces their common sense logic with irrational thoughts. Prior to doing this, the devil goes into a process of illicit soul intercourse with the people. By so doing, he initiates a process that feels good to the soul. Many people are easily seduced by such temporary pleasure as a tool by the devil in his seduction. Because of the temporary pleasure that entertains the soul, and the physical body, the devil is able to seduce many people. If you study the worship at the shrine of Satan, illicit sex, and other perversions that pleasure the flesh are part of the rituals of seduction in worship. The devil knows that many people in the Western World are easily seduced by the pleasures of the flesh because we live in a hedonistic society. Consequently, they allow the devil access to their inner being by opening the window of their souls. Once the window of the soul is opened, the devil initiates a process of soul tie leading to a spiritual intercourse with the devil. If you notice, many entertainers or celebrities who have sold their souls to the devil do so with the promise of earthly profits that pleasure the flesh. They allow the demonic spirit to mount their human spirit like a person mounting a horse. The spirit therefore starts to control their everyday activities. They become the mouthpiece for the devil. Suddenly without notice, death visits them.

This is partly the process of cults indoctrination by mind alteration. The other people are the enemy, and "we are your only friends" type of mind control. People who are not well grounded in critical thinking become preys for mind manipulations of the devil including some celebrities. Mind control is not about brain smart. A person can be very intelligent, yet emotionally be very immature. Emotional maturity is the first line of defense for anybody against demonic spirit seduction. For those who are Christians, the wisdom of the Holy Spirit is the first line of defense. Once the devil has seduced their minds, he uses the people’s voices to speak. People on the outside later wonder where in the hell are the illogical reasoning coming from the mouth of such an educated person, or a celebrity. We fail to realize the devil’s control over the person’s mind is to use the person as his mouthpiece to speak to the world. The spirit of anti-Christ is well alive in the world today and many people are falling for his deceptions including many celebrities. The danger of sudden death among celebrities, and entertainers has been reported too many times as the outcome evidence of an allegiance to the devil. The devil destroys the vessels he contains no matter how rich you may be or how popular you are. Suddenly without warning, the enemy will strike like a poisonous snake, and you are history.

Rebellious Spirit. People who have sold their souls to the devil tend to exhibit basic aspects of rebellious behavior against God. In this situation, they rebel against God because they are worshipping the devil. The devil is their master! The key aspect of their rebellious nature is to attack the Bible or to disagree with the Word of God. By arguing with them, you are wasting your time because Satan already placed them under his demonic chains. All you can do is pray for them for deliverance. Some people may not want to be rescued. Eventually, like Jesus said, "They will likewise perish if they refuse to repent" (St. Luke 13:3). What did the devil do against God? He was an angel that rebelled against God. Those who follow him will also do his will. If Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life, nobody comes to the father, but by me" (St. John 14:6). Those under the control of the devil will respond saying, "Jesus cannot be the only way to God." This is part of the deceptions of the devil who has already locked his soul with those he deceives. He has fried their cognitive perception with irrational ideology. Satan will eventually lead these people to perish if they refuse to repent. They have to make a choice!

Love of Fleshly Desires: When the devil locked onto the human soul in the Garden of Eden, he contaminated the human soul at the level of his desires. All these fleshly driven actions today are not surprising. The devil is busy working in the souls of those who let him. Christians have a choice. You can arrest the desires of the devil inside you with the help of the Holy Spirit, or you can let the spirit of the devil party. Excessive love of pleasures leads to human perversions. God created pleasures to be enjoyed in moderation, and not in excess. God did not ask us to the obsessed with pleasure at the expense of a spiritual walk with him. Initiation of excessive pleasures leads to perversions. If you never learn to control your human desires for pleasure, it will eventually control you and lead you straight to the hands of the devil. Do not forget you have a sinful nature due to the devil’s demonic impregnation. You have to put up a fight with the help of the Holy Spirit to keep the enemy under the arrested condition inside the human soul. The devil knows human weaknesses. That is why he tended to use physical pleasures to lure people away from God. As long as you are in the flesh, you can never please God.

Always remember the warning of Our Beloved Jesus Christ, "The thief comes but to steal, kill and destroy, but I come so they can have life more abundantly" (St. John 10:10). There is nothing the devil has that you want. Keeping a relationship with him at your own risk! If you allow people to seduce you and lead you astray, blame yourself. Everybody has to make a choice. Most people in bondage with the devil cannot see the truth even when presented to them. Pray for such people for deliverance.

Yinka Vidal, author, Closer Walk With Jesus

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